Ghost of Tsushima Developer Sucker Punch Working With Real Kenjutsu Masters from Japan

Ghost of Tsushima developers at Sucker Punch are taking research seriously, with the help of real swordmasters from a prestigious Japanese school.

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Abriael75d ago

I need to see more. So much. I have small hopes for Tokyo Game show... but very small.

naruga75d ago

it was obvious from the trailer ...the way he uses the sword (finishing moves, deflects etcetc) is obviously studied with people who know the art...

bouzebbal75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Already from the gameplay video I could sense the attention to detail during combat.. This article just confirms my thoughts.
SP is seeing a new standard..
We have cowboy open world with RDR, post apocalyptic with Dino machines Horizon and an open world samurai game, all in the same gen.. We have been dreaming for such games since the 90s

75d ago
Dragonscale75d ago

The combat reminds me of Bushido Blade. Can't wait.

Ceaser985736175d ago

This will be an amazing game.. With so much dedication. I believe its gonna be one of the top games next year...

thatguyhayat75d ago

But do we really know it will be next year? Probably 2020 cause every games they have announced comes out 2 years time

NecrumOddBoy75d ago

This game has been in development for nearly 5 years. (Second Son was their last game).

Baza75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

You must be thinking about Cyberpunk. Ghost is next year buddy

BlaqMagiq175d ago

Unless they run into game breaking bugs there's no way it's gonna be pushed into 2020. It seems that a bulk of the game is done already.

Legatus75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

By your logic it will be next year since the game was announced on PGW in 2017.

Ceaser985736175d ago

as Necrumoddyboy said

Also Sony said when they are sure about something and when they are satisfied then they will show it to the world. So GOW SPIDERMAN was shown in 2016 got a 2018 release and GOT was shown at PSX 2017 and should come out by Sep 2019 .. LOU 2 also is a 2019 release.. and Days gone already got their release date.. 2019 is going to be awesome for Playstation fans.

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madforaday75d ago

I just want to know how the combat works, will people die in one or two hits, will you die in one or two hits? How many moves do we have, do we have multiple swords, do we have items? Do we have to block in certain direction like in For Honor, there are a lot of things I want to know. So far it is looking good!

TheEnigma31375d ago

It seems like bushido blade from ps1. You dies between 1-3 hits.

jimbost7975d ago

Wont the difficulty setting alter things like this?

madforaday75d ago

I never heard of that game before, I will check it out, never had a PS1. I do like the concept of that. I want a steep learning curve for the combat, well, not steep, just a skilled based one.

NovusTerminus75d ago

So to clarify about Bushido Blade, you die if hit in a fatal spot, your arm can get injured (Removing the ability of subweapons, and two handed stances), in the first game your leg could get injured, keeping you from walking or using most attacks, but this was removed in the second game because it was pretty OP.

Also there was a perfect block that could be done that would allow you to interrupt your attack to block. I've had fights against my brother that lasted about 15 minutes because we both got really good, though with some tricky plays though I've had rounds last about 0.2 seconds against him.

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The story is too old to be commented.