World of Goo beats out Zelda and Gears of War

Metacritic.com takes the review scores from over 30 different websites and work out an average score, to get above 90 on Metacritic is a real achievement, which makes it all the more surprising when the previously unheard of 'World of Goo' for Wiiware is ranked as the 2nd best Wii game to date...

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5753d ago

Looks like a game about Goo destroyed Tears of Bore.Good to know.

However Wii games and 360 games are fighting for casual kids dollars while the PS3 is a gaming rig only for the hardcore gamers

Dark Collosis5752d ago

Funny thing there is WoGoo ALSO beats out the PS3s ONLY exclusive AAA games (Metal loading Movie 4 and LittleBigwebkin).. Even more comical is your second comment on wii and 360 competing over casual kids dollar.. WHEN the PS3s BEST GAME is one where you play with little Kiddie SACKS on a 2d platformer that should be on the WII..... ROFLOL Pony boys are just that phony..

Captain_Sony5752d ago

I cannot believe any PS3 owner could be so stupid but you my poor delusional friend are a top notch idiot.. Right when Sony launches Little Kids PLanet for KIDS and CASUALS, you have to come on here talking about how Sony is only hardcore.. We as PS3 owners need people like you to be banned. You make the rest of us look stupid with poorly thought comments like that.. If Singstar,Eye Pet,Fat Princess, LBP are you idea of hardcore, then you are a casual gamer who only thinks they are hardcore. Nothing hardcore about any of those games.

Pennywise5752d ago

It must be the best game ever. Time to buy a Wii and flail my arms like a moron to get entertainment. Good thing is if I dont pass the controller my friends can watch me for entertainment swinging my arms like an idiot.

Maxned5752d ago

Youre not a lord, youre just a giant douche.
A biased douche, at that.

Pennywise5752d ago

Lets all be unbiased and hold hands.

Not gonna happen. The resident xbots on this site waged a war years ago on anyone who liked anything Sony. Its now backfired and everyone cries about it. Xtards started this mess instead of just being gamers.... so now the backlash is here and it isnt going anywhere.

I didnt do anything to these kids to deserve the bullcrap they say about me for owning a PS3. They have provoked me to be a d!ck to all of them. I am okay with this ;)

LeonSKennedy4Life5752d ago

Little Big Planet has Sex, Drugs, Violence, Fire, Lasers, and anything else you can imagine.

Sounds like a kids game to me...

sleepbox5752d ago

I'd say all the consoles are trying to appeal to casual gamers.

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heyheyhey5752d ago

Metacritic is broken full stop...

take reviews from publications you trust.. and work out that average

Meta includes dozens of sites you probably don't care about

Pennywise5752d ago

Not to burst bubbles, but that metacritic score is based on 7 reviews.

MSG 94% with 78 reviews
LBP 95% with 28 reviews

This story is true in the sense 96% is the score as of now. False saying its 30+ reviews.

Qfragger5752d ago

I have it for the PC and it's simply stunning...

M_Prime5752d ago

the wii version is $5 cheaper then the PC one..

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