The Last of Us is a masterpiece because of how much it meant to my wife

PlayStation Enthusiast: Jason Rodriguez, who is so burned out by single-player adventure games, holds The Last of Us in high regard. That's because it's a game that means a lot to his wife, and evidently, it also strengthened their marriage while also giving them new bonding moments when gaming.

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wiserthanthou145d ago

Great article! I have tons of games that I love just because of how much they mean to someone I know and how much fun we had playing it together.

JJasonRodriguez145d ago

Thank you. I like how people are able to appreciate other games more just because others do as well.

GottaBjimmyb144d ago

But someone you know liking a game does jot make it a masterpiece, get the sentiment, just think the title and some of the argument is flawed.

Exari144d ago

yeah, the title is kinda shitty... "my wife loves the game, therefor it's a masterpiece!"

maybe if he rearranged the same words, like "tlou means so much to me, because my wife thinks it's a masterpiece"? idk..

GottaBjimmyb143d ago

@exari yes that is the quote I think he may have intended and is certainly more reasonable, and frankly, relatable.

I_am_Batman145d ago

It's a great game for sure. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say it's a masterpiece because there is a lot of room for improvement in my opinion but as far as story and writing goes it's an excellent game. I can't wait to see how TLOU2 will improve on the first one. The gameplay reveal at E3 was nuts. Hopefully we're getting to see some infected soon.

Initially I really wanted them to go for infected animals in the sequel but seeing that Days Gone is already going for infected animals I'm not sure if it would be a good move.

Off-topic: Why is Oliver_Twist's comment above marked as inappropriate? Is it inappropriate to state an unpopular opinion?

JJasonRodriguez145d ago

I’m not sure. I even replied and agreed with what he said. Can anyone who views it set it to inappropriate if that’s the case?

KwietStorm144d ago

It's a PlayStation exclusive and we're on N4PS4G. That's the only reason I can think of. I completely disagree with his comment about the gameplay mechanics, but to be marked inappropriate is way passed stupid. The Last Of Us plays like a survival game, whether it's the inventory management, the health system, or the tools and resource crafting. If someone feels that's a chore, they probably just want something less demanding like Uncharted or another shooter.

This whole site needs a revamp, from reply structure to seeing who's upvoting and downvoting, to putting trolls in their own sub-site until they learn to behave. It's childish as hell on here and it's the same people every day.

AspiringProGenji144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Wrong reply


Ciporta1980144d ago

Some people were marked as inappropriate for saying they didn't like the gwg games for September. Does that make this site n4x1g?

antz1104144d ago

Because this site is biased and broken.I love TLOU but you're right they're entitled to an opinion.

Ciporta1980144d ago

How does batman even have time to play computer games?

Kribwalker144d ago

he started outsourcing to india

Unreal01144d ago

I'm a Playstation fan, but I agree. I have no idea why Oliver Twists comment is flagged as inappropriate. It seems like people just aren't allowed their own opinions anymore.

King_Noctis144d ago

There is no reason at all to mark his comment inappropriate. He didn’t attack anyone nor did he used any inappropriate words. I think the mods should look further into this marking system to prevent further abusion.

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BizarroUltraman145d ago

Man stop this crap. Is everything a masterpiece cause your wife likes it?

TheColbertinator145d ago

Its an article on N4G so it must be true

JJasonRodriguez145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

> Man stop this crap. Is everything a masterpiece cause your wife likes it?

I’m pretty sure I tagged it as “Opinion” though. I do know it is critically-acclaimed — but at the same time, it had a deeper connotation even moreso as it’s something that means a lot to my loved one.

No need for any other strange or bizarre interpretations, Mr. BizarroUltraman. I’m sure you can relate to the above explanation and understand what was meant — especially for certain games which you personally didn’t prefer but someone else ended up liking. Hence, this leads you appreciate the game even more.

Rimeskeem145d ago

If that were true that is the single most narcissistic thing he could say.

PhantomS42144d ago

It must really suck to not have a special connection to someone that you gain a deeper appreciation for things because they see something special in it.

I loved the Uncharted games before I met my current girlfriend but when she sat down and watched me play through and loved the stories the games and that experience meant so much more to me than it did on my first playthrough.

letsa_go144d ago

His wife determines whether a game is a masterpiece or not, forget gaming websites, magazines, or awards shows! What she says, goes for all of us...don't you know this?

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