What The Hell Happened To PS4 Exclusive Driveclub?

Despite showing so much promise, what happened to Driveclub?

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ziggurcat174d ago

uh... nothing? it released, and people played it?

UltraNova174d ago

What happened to Project cars? Hell what happened to all old games?

Kiwi66174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Project cars got a sequel and it's a shame that DC didn't

bouzebbal174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

DC got so much support and so much love from people who actually played it.
i platinumed it and i had tons of fun playing it.

one more intelligent and very interesting read from Gamingbull

Crazyglues174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

What happened..? Game Launched really badly and a lot of key features where not working at launch, even after a super delay... To make matters worst the backlash to Sony was extreme with people asking for their money back... Sony never want's to have games launch like this, makes the system look bad..

Especially after they dumped a ton of support into the game's development... -But despite the rocky launch the game turned out to be a real amazing game, having some amazingly well done features, like Photomode, the rain effects, some of the best ever done in a racing game, and still hold up today... Which just shows you how much of an amazing job they did.

Sadly because of these problems the entire studio was let go, instead of pushing for a Part 2 which could have done extremely well.... why?

-Well games these days are really hard to make and sadly most of these studio's need the one thing they can't get, more time... So the short version of the story, It would have been an even better and more exciting game in DriveClub II because the studio had already did some really amazing things in the first one..

With the chance to build on that and grow they could have really knocked it out the park and become a home run winner for racing games on PlayStation, giving gamers another choice besides just another need for speed... GT Sport and DriveClub would have been awesome together, giving two different types of racing that would cover a really wide audience. DriveClub II would have been a killer game. doing close to 5 million copies and then D3 bringing the total audience up to about 10 million... And then all the money Sony invested in-the franchise would have more then paid off... Games Like this Need to get to Part II sometimes before they will be huge...

It's a tougher gaming crowd these days, takes much more to impress them.

Crazyglues173d ago

@ gangsta_red

I did under the second paragraph..--- "Sadly because of these problems the entire studio was let go"

Critic4l_Strik3173d ago

@ Crazyglues

You worked there?

Crazyglues173d ago

@ Critic4l_Strik3

No sir, was just one of the many who fell in-love with driveclub / bought it day-one, Loved the graphic but was really disappointed at all the stuff that was not working when the game launched / but forgave it for that because I could see what they did have was done really well for a causal racing game..... -But slowly got to see the game turn around, kinda like No Man's Sky and start to become the game we all wanted it to be....

Crazyglues173d ago

@ Critic4l_Strik3

and let me just add to that -( Part II )--

They got multi-player working they started adding weather effects, they added the Photo-mode... I mean it was really turning out to be amazing...

Best way to sum it up, is watch this guy, he had the same exact response as me, when driving the Venom Hennessey GT which at that time when the game came out was a complete beast to drive, I mean insane..... I never felt that excited in a game ever, and that's the real beauty of the game, seeing it is one thing, but driving that SuperCar was crazy, best SuperCar feel ever --

(if anyone got that far enough in the game that you unlocked that car and tried to do that challenge you got a treat, because that was the best racing car feel I've ever had playing a video game, it was exciting and terrifying because the car is so fast and your trying not to hit the wall.. LoL.. (Just Amazing Game, you had to play that challenge to understand how good it was) It got turned down later but in the beginning it was amazing the way they captured the sense of speed and feel of what it's like to drive a SuperCar... Listen to the guy in video say it.

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gangsta_red173d ago

You forgot the part where Sony closed the studio.

BehindTheRows173d ago

Actually, he didn't.

OT: What happened? It released, people (who actually played it) loved it, and the rest is history. Why ask about such an old game in the first place?

gangsta_red173d ago


He actually did.

OT: What happened? It released, people played it, complained about the lack of modes, later updates came, sony closed down the studio, no more Driveclub

SierraGuy173d ago

Yeah and visually it made every other racer look retarded and last gen, spurring everyone and their mother to fail trying to imitate their weather effects.

sKiiTs8173d ago

what happens to all the poops ive ever done? i wonder if they meet up in the sewage

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Sm00thNinja174d ago

Should have been a sequel. One of my favorite racers this generation

ramiuk1174d ago

i reinstalled it on my pro other day and its still looks amzing and those rain effects wow

jukins173d ago

The lightning strikes still wow me

Edito174d ago

I'm a Sony fan, and i knew that at some point I would buy my PS4 but I went to a friends house and played Drive Club and for me it was so impactfull that i bought my PS4 and the game in that same day... amazing game.

Brugal173d ago

I’ve had my PS4 since launch day and this has been one of my most played games. Haven’t played it in a while but I really should since I need one more trophy to get a platinum. Great game.

KickSpinFilter173d ago

I loved DC sooo much I actually went out and bought a racing wheel for it. I have never bought a racing wheel.
Atari, Sega, MS, PS1,2,3, nope... But I did for Driveclub.

Shakengandulf174d ago

One of my favourites and still play it..

blackblades173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Yeah or update for the pro. The season pass had a lot of content, it took awhile to finish. Hmmm I think I completed everything except the motorcycle dlc. Hmmm now I'm thinking there was another dlc event that wasn't with season pass? if im right I got a 2nd reason to get back on.

alb1899173d ago

Yep, if you are a only PS4 owner then should be one of the best this generation.

Muzikguy173d ago

I still would like to get the game just have too much to play. It’s too bad DC didn’t get a sequel and the studio got shut down

NarooN173d ago

It's a crime how we never got a sequel because of Sony axeing the studio. They could've really made a topitier sequel if given the chance. At least DC itself still holds up incredibly well.

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CarlDechance174d ago

You answered your own question:

"Evolution Studios was shut down..."

Apocalypse Shadow174d ago

Pretty much this.

But boy I would really like a Motorstorm remaster. When my PS3 finally died, I let someone borrow the game so that they could see how amazing it was. Now that I have PS4,I'd play it on there.

conanlifts174d ago

I hope PS5 has multi generational B/C so we can pick up and play these games again. Motorstorm was one of the games I picked up with my PS3 and I had a lot of fun with it.

shuvam09174d ago

I hope PS5 is just called 'Playstation'...
And PS4 is rechristened 'Playstation Classic'...
That should save them legal hassles for future gens...
And help them make the system the ultimate BC console...
It would run every game ever released on PlayStations...

sprinterboy174d ago

Sony do baffle me sometimes. No sequel to dc was a mad idea and to have no motorstorm this gen or at least put some resources aside for a remaster.
Mind boggles at some dicision making sony😔😁

FlintGREY173d ago

I would LOVE Motorstorm VR

darthv72173d ago

Pacific Rift is still my favorite but yeah... I nice remastered compilation would be sweet. All 5 games in one package would just be awesome.

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King_Noctis174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

They have made a valid point. Why isn’t there a Driveclub sequel? I thought people loved that game.

Seraphim174d ago

Is it a valid point? Why isn't there an Okami 2? People loved that game but Capcom didn't even give Clover Studios the time of day. When it's initial sales were so low they shuttered the studio. Sony gave Evo Studios years to continue DC support... The fact the studio has long since been shuttered makes this question self explanatory. Who's left to develop it? Polyphony? They spend as much development if not more working on GT titles.

Driveclub was dumped on HARD initially, sold poorly out the gate, and eventually, years later evolution studios was finally closed. I could speculate like maybe they weren't even looking at or thinking about developing a sequel but who knows. What I do know is that after years on market Evo were still working on DLC for DC until the studios closure.

Thing is the game wasn't a success despite the loads of money Sony dumped into it. Yes after some time the game gained, what would likely amount to a cult following and at $20 probably sold well enough but by then it was too little too late. The game had been crapped on and most gamers simply didn't care. Which is truly unfortunate because it was a great racing game with loads of content and DLC which was cheap enough via the Season Pass which was always on sale for like $10. Plus the added Bikes DLC. I had an absolute blast playing DC for a few months and getting the Platinum. Anytime I have an itch for racing I still go back to it. DC had a great balance, imo, between arcade and sim racing. The tracks were great, great number of cars and w/ all that DLC there's a TON to do.... I believe most of their developers went onto Codemasters tho and they're known for racing games.

bouzebbal174d ago

the title is what happened to driveclub, not where is driveclub 2.
everything in the article is broken, and they are answering their own questions..

CarlDechance173d ago

You can ask that question about a lot of games. Why doesn't Sunset Overdrive have a sequel? Or Ryse.

obidanshinobi173d ago

Driveclub flopped hard, Sony probably thought it would be a waste of time and money to make a sequel, and they're right, why keep invest in a dud.

Dragonscale173d ago

@obi, really. You can say that about pretty much most xbone exclusives this gen. Recore, SoT, SoD2, Ryse, Lococycle, Super Luckys Tale, Quantum Break etc. All flopped hard and all duds.

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dumahim173d ago

And people keep clicking this shit to the top of N4G.