Hating Shenmue While Respecting Its Place in the Industry

David from BagoGames writes: The recent Shenmue collection was my first hands-on exposure to the series. I had heard so much about it over the years, admiring Yu Suzuki’s vision; one which began life as a Sega Saturn title. Talk about ambitious. I’ve seen development videos and interviews, finding myself enamored with the tragic story of a meaningful franchise that would find itself hanging on a cliffhanger for eighteen years.

The fact that this collection exists, along with Shenmue 3, is nothing short of miraculous.

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ApocalypseShadow1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

You had to be there in the time of its release and its significance on dreamcast. Nothing was like it. Exploring the revenge and mundane life of a boy in a section of Japan and Kowloon was awesome. With time of day and weather based on what it was like in that time. Shenmue released in 1999 but was about the 1980s. I like games based on a different era.

Reading, watching and playing some games from earlier eras isn't going to have the same effect on gamers of this era that are spoiled by HD graphics, better animations, A.I. and controls. Gamers like me who lived it will appreciate old games as well as new games.

Those who liked Virtua Fighter will understand the game too. As it felt like a VF RPG. Seems the article writer liked the immediate thrill of fighting in Yakuza but not the practicing of moves as martial artists did to keep up their art back then. There weren't always opponents or practice dummies lying around to hit. People also had to get jobs to buy things and not accumulate points. Imagine that. Having to work a job. And not steal it in games today like gta or walking into someone's house.

Anyway, can't wait for Shenmue 3.

MWH1619d ago

well said my friend.

Smitty20201618d ago

We must be getting old 😂😂😂

GtPawnSacrifices1618d ago

I too grew up in the 90s.
Back then I was like “wow, this game’s enormous!”
Now, i’m like “wow, how small is it?”
Personally, I loved it so much that I purchased a region unlock disk and #2 from JP (for my Dreamcast)
And my most burnt in memory, and coincidentally the part i’m upto again, is the grinding for cash as a forklift driver.

scoltar1618d ago

You are spot on, friend! I played this game when it was new, and was totally blown away by it! There really was nothing like it at the time. I've had buds who didn't play it back in the day ask me about it, and I told them "honestly, I don't know if you will like it as much as I will." But finally getting my hands on this, I'm VERY happy with it! The game holds up to my memories of it. Also, while playing, it takes me back in time to a simpler time in my life, which helps me relax after a crappy day at work. lol And when Kickstarter became a thing, I told my friends, "I wish they would just kickstart a shenmue 3!! I would drop $100 on that!" Then it happened, and I had to put my money where my mouth was! :D

Melankolis1618d ago

The only thing i regret is that i missed the chance to play 1 because i don't have a Dreamcast. I played 2 on Xbox classic.
Now i can play 1, but i know the feeling will never be the same like playing it on Dreamcast 19 years ago.

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CrimsonWing691619d ago

I love the game but I’m also able to analyze the game design and taking into account the period in time it was made. This game was truly ahead of its time and I only wish it was imagined today so it could have a better chance to appeal to the masses.

AK911618d ago

That's absolutely fine I have endless line of classic and current games that have/will influence gaming but I still despise those games nontheless.

marioJP871618d ago

This is a game where you had to play it back in the day to understand it’s nostalgia and epicness. You can’t be new to this game and try to understand why players from back in the day agrees that this is one of the best games ever created.

1618d ago