Resident Evil 2 Playstation Classic US release a priority

Resident Evil 2 was released on the PlayStation Store in Japan on December 26, 2007 as a Playstation Classic. Capcom have now said that they are planning to release the game on the US PSN and that they "hope to bump that up the priority list of "things to do" after HD Remix is out the door." "There's a lot of internal issues to work out to get that rolling properly." added the rep.

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Silogon3648d ago

I hate RE2, tho... It's the worst one in the series, if you ask me. How about you just give me RE directors cut; with all the added gore from the U.K. release?

We'll call it a day, cause it's the only one worth a piss anyways.

supremacy3648d ago

i think you are alone on that statement, yeah you can say you hate RE2, but to say that it was the worst when it was the best selling of all the resident evil games after only being surpass by 4 is just ludicrous if you ask me.

im not going to officially give you a disagree, but ill be honest with you i don't think you know much of what you are talking about by saying this one was one of the worst one in the series.

if anything i say RE 3 was that title in my opinion,the game was just too short and the story wasn't as deep as other RE games before or after it. now stepping outside the series ill say the outbreak series yeah those sucked bad.

poopface13648d ago

I havent played the gamecube ones tho. Re2 is the game taht made me get a ps1. I even played it 2 times as each character to see the longer ending.

DevilVergilX3648d ago

is my favorite lol, I love jill!

LastDance3648d ago

the music in the police department is CHILLINGLY awesome.

BigMassacre3648d ago

Resident Evil 2 is a masterpiece. I'll always have a place in my heart for the original, but 2 came and improved on it in almost every way. A compelling playthrough for each character, and then when you're done with that character, you can start a new game with the other with a different scenario!

There wouldn't be Nemesis without Mr. X, man. Mr.X was bad ass.

The only truly bad RE games are the Gun Survivor games, and those don't even count. So yeah...though I respect your opinion, it just seems like crazy talk to me.

Elimin83648d ago

You Truly are a silly one. First off some may disagree with me and that is fine, but I think RE2 is the best in the series scarier even than 4, which just had greater controls and graphics to go with it.. I think that is one of the best series of games out there... You know what STFU.......

xaviertooth3648d ago

i personally love series 2, 1, 4 and 3 respectively. as per silogon's opinion, let him be, it's just his taste, so let it be. the least we have common denominator is that resident evil series is a top notch franchise and a series of fun games.

ceedubya93648d ago

RE1 was good, but RE2 did everything better and put this series on the map. I'd love to be able to download this to my PSP from PSN.

leftbehindxp3647d ago

RE2 was good in my opinion. Sologen your just being an attention whore.

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whoelse3648d ago

Well they getting their own store page soon so I can see this at the launch of that maybe.

Raptura3648d ago

I recently bought this game at a garage sale for 25 cents :) I want the first one!

supremacy3648d ago

i think what capcom should do is pretty much, cut out a deal with Sony and remake RE2 & RE3 for the psn. And than just add the gamecube remake of RE1 and also add RE0 to that list and that should do it.

Also if its not too much to ask bring HD versions of both RE:code veronica and RE4 as well.

and while capcom is at it, how about just pretty much bringing out all your old psone games, i mean mega man legends, strider 2, rival schools, pocket fighters, i mean just about all the games you can think of really.

i also wish they would follow up on the mega man x remakes, i really do think the psp maverick hunter x was the best mega man x game i've ever played, cut scenes, better sounds, graphics everything. now imagine mega man x 2 and x3 with these touch ups? man....

poopface13648d ago

are the best mega man games ever. I wish they would release those for download. I remember playing those when I was young. Mega man x 1-3 was just like the nes/gamboy mega man except improved in every way. My favorite thing from mmx missing from that crap mega man capcom just made was that he could climb the walls.

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