GTA 5 Is Evolving Into An Advertising Platform

GTABOOM writes "Grand Theft Auto 5 is slowly taking on the characteristics of a billboard. Right now, it is a very exclusive billboard that is hard to get onto, but it is steadily traveling down a path towards becoming an advertising platform."

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Born2Game8349d ago

GTA V online is what it is. I only really played the single player part (enjoyed it) and never tried online because how bad I heard the community is. Its kinda old at this point and RDR2 will probably be Rockstar's main focus going forward. GTA V will slowly die out.

Derceto49d ago

I think you mean, "GTA 5 Evolved Into An Advertising Platform A Long Time Ago, and I'm Just Noticing This Now"

SierraGuy48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Lol exactly.

chris23549d ago

good thing i stopped playing gta5 a few hours into the main campaign a few years back. it is completely beyond me why this one was so embraced by people. recycled city, unlikable main characters and all in all just more of the freaking same. yikes.

Cmv3849d ago

Well all the DLC has been free, plus I'm sure the player base has dwindled.... maybe this is just par for the course.

Orionsangel49d ago

It's free sure, but everything in it is super expensive. Forcing most to buy shark cards. So technically it's not free.

Orionsangel49d ago

GTA Online is just watching new content get added that most will never attain. I just think expensive when I think GTA Online. I stopped caring a long time ago.

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