Resistance 2: Direct-feed footage from the beta

VG247: After the break. It's an edited montage from three levels, both co-op and competitive. Very nice quality, thanks to Mr Rich. Take a look. Game's out next month.

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Cenobia3647d ago

I fudgin hate it when your team mates don't help out. The guy was desperate for ammo, and the person who had the ability to give it totally ignored him.

Whenever I play class based shooters I always make it a point to help out. I was one of the few people in Battlefield BC who actually supported my team (albeit usually taking out tanks since no one else seemed to be willing to use the shotgun).

Game is looking great though.

Marty83703647d ago

Good for you helping out. Thing is with R2 you get rewarded on how you worked as a team.

jtmill073647d ago

How do I use my electrical wrist bands once I reach level 6?????? Sorry I’m so far off topic but please can one of you help ?

Nitrowolf23647d ago

agreed, hate it when no one listen and they all just run around and stuff

shazam3647d ago

you need more gray tech n00b once you have 50 gray tech press x on the kinetic gloves. you will always wear them and you cant take them off.

ultimolu3647d ago

Lol, nobody helped me when I was playing. ;w;

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belal3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

PLZZZ SHARE A KEY WITH ME :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( *CRIES*

ps im from europe so :P if someone is kind to give me one so plz pm me, i was lucky when someone gave me the socom code, but i dont think im lucky twice hehe :P :(::(

SIX3647d ago

Everyone who I've played with helped each other. Just a question, but do you guys have mics? I find that people really respond to you when you have a mic. The awesome part of this game is that all it takes is 1 person to assume the leadership role and everybody follows suit. I've never experienced anything like it before.

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The story is too old to be commented.