UploadVR: Firewall Zero Hour Review: The VR Shooter We've Been Waiting For

For what it is, Firewall Zero Hour defies the odds by delivering a multiplayer-focused VR shooter that actually lives up to its potential. If you don’t have a PS Aim controller yet, then you should buy one for this game even though it technically supports DualShock 4 as well. If you don’t have a PSVR headset yet, then you should buy one for this game. With a few improvements and additions, First Contact could turn what is already a must-have PSVR game into a genre-defining one.

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Neonridr49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The *PSVR shooter we have been waiting for maybe..

I want to get this game, I like what I see. I am just a little detracted at the thought of only one game mode. I hope the dev is going to add in extra modes and at least make the matches a best of more like R6. One match (which could last like 30 seconds if you have a gung-ho team that doesn't know what they are doing) and then being booted back to a menu while you find a new match is a little frustrating.

That being said, I have enjoyed the streams so far on Twitch and will probably break down and get it. Now is the time to get into it while there is a healthy player base.

Apocalypse Shadow49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

More modes are coming. I think the devs wanted there to be matches filed with players at launch and never having to wait except for loading screens.

You're right. From what I watched in the impressions and reviews, everyone wants to have maybe best of 3 matches to stay playing. Death match,pvp and capture the flag would be cool too.

My only problem is the always online for multiplayer and single-player. I won't buy a game if it has an expiration date when everyone stops playing it online. 1 now for single player would be worthless. If they change that, I migh pick it up.

Instead, I'm buying zoe2 and creed even if firewall looks great, it leaves single-player gamers out like me who don't play online much.

Neonridr49d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow - yeah I am ok with the devs adding stuff later if I know they are going to be active. I would just hate for this game to be popular now and then 3-6 months down the road the game be absolutely dead. If the devs can add more modes and maps, that would go a long way to helping people stay interested.

Still, a solid game and one I have my eyes on.

Apocalypse Shadow49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


The funniest thing I've seen is the reactions of being shot. A lot of gamers who played flat screen games may not even flinch from going around a corner and getting shot.

But the jumps and screaming I see when watching them play in vr is hilarious.

Also, some don't like the death cameras. But I think it was a good idea to keep dead players engaged. They just need to allow shooting of cameras as a counter measure.


I have been playing this game for hours and is a blast. This is a totally different experience compared with traditional flat shooter. In this game you have to aim and use tactics like real life. Best shooter for 2018!!!

Moe-Gunz48d ago

This game is a game changer. It feels like intense like when you play paintball. The tactical gameplay, the team work, the shootouts, everything is top notch.

Honestly I'll find it hard to go back to 2D shooters.

sci4me47d ago

"Honestly I'll find it hard to go back to 2D shooters." This!!. Not only the gameplay and immersive surroundings in Vr , even the sound is perfect, you are really there, for example the map at the loadingdock where you can hear the birds and signal horn all around hits me every time.