Devil May Cry 5 Xbox One X First Look

Join John and Alex for a look at Devil May Cry 5 running in its 4K output mode on Xbox One X, as seen at Gamescom last week. Seemingly running on the latest RE engine, it's looking great.

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Kribwalker54d ago

Wow, the OneX is a beast of a machine for its price. 4K and 60fps will be sick. The definitive version for any devil may cry fan

gangsta_red54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Damn, I have to see how slick that type of action will be running with these specs with my bare eyes.

Good job Capcom, now I definitely need to invest in an X.

NewMonday54d ago

60FPS AND 4K at the same time is amazing, that should be a standard for next generation, whatever upcoming gen console manages this as a standard will be may main platform.

Aeery54d ago

4k/60fps will cost a lot in terms of image quality.

bouzebbal53d ago

in 2018 i still don't get why water physics is still this bad.
still same level as N64

-Foxtrot54d ago

I think for a DMC fan a definitive version just needs to be's a core feature needed for this kind of game, anything else is just a bonus.


Not sure why you got downvoted? DMC has always been 60fps I think, so yeah it should be 60fps first then res.

-Foxtrot54d ago

Meh...probably people taking my comment against the Xbox One, you know what people are like

After the awful dmc...all I care about now is 60fps to lash out my combos with

TheUndertaker8554d ago (Edited 54d ago )

He’s getting downvotes because the Xbox One X product will have BOTH 60fps and 4K which would mean not only is it going to run smoothly it’s going to boast eye candy along with it.

If other products match the 60fps and not the 4K they aren’t definitive as the Xbox One X product would boast a feature they do not.

Along with the fact that beginning a comment with “I think” directly states it’s an opinion devoid of fact. Something individuals have a right to disagree with.

And, if DMC has always been 60fps as stated the addition of 4K only boosts the value of the product available on Xbox One X over others that won’t be able to match both prospects. It being 60fps would be a moot point as older products would be able to match the same framerate.

-Foxtrot54d ago


My point is if you care about DMC, 60 FPS on all consoles is fine...4k is a plus but not something a fan is going to go out there and pay for a new Xbox One X

If it was the other way round and the Xbox One X was the only one to do 60FPS, then totally different.

mrmikew201853d ago

I see your point and I agree with you. I really disliked the fact that they ran DMC at 30fps on the 360 & PS3.
They tried to remedy that decision by re-releasing it on the PS4 and the Xbox One, but still the damage was already done.

But staying on topic, if the X is able to maintain 4K with this type of game at 60fps that's an impressive feat and I tip my hat to Capcom and MS for achieving that, we just have to wait and see how the game turns out.

The game is going to be awesome regardless, these pointless resolution wars are for the fanboys, I can't believe people pay a subscription to digital foundry to see this shit.......pathetic and sad.

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Lime12354d ago ShowReplies(2)
raWfodog54d ago

It does look very impressive. I was toying with the idea of taking advantage of the 24-month deal so as not to shell out all that money at once but I still can't bring myself to do it. Hopefully they will have more exclusive titles that I want (RPGs, Action Adventure) to play next gen.

Aceman1854d ago

As long as the game runs at a steady 60fps, I could give two flying f**ks what resolution the damn game runs in. As long as I can see my character on screen with what I'm doing it doesn't matter.

Kribwalker54d ago

that’s totally fine. But for those that care, this version is the one to get

Obscure_Observer54d ago

Another NEW AAA game running at native 4K on the X. Just like most games do!

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KionicWarlord22254d ago

DA X delivers nothing but excellence.

All this 4K 60 FPS with the highest texture assets.

Only da best for xbox gamers.

*raises glass*

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Obscure_Observer54d ago


"*raises glass*"


FlyGuyHung54d ago

My Xbox One X has become the "multiplatform" system and tbh, I'm not mad about it. Can't wait to pick this up. Managed to pre-order for 30% off during E3.


Same! My Pro for exclusives and my X for everything else!

Kakashi Hatake54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Seems like a weird approach if you had that approach for the most powerful system when this gen started. You'd have the most friends on PS4, the most games on PS4, and you'd be most invested in the PS4 ecosystem. Pretty difficult to just turn that around last minute, no?

Kribwalker54d ago

have yet to upgrade to the pro, but planning to black friday if the deals are there. But it will be the same for me, as my ps4 is pretty much exclusives only. Haven’t turned it on since i finished GOW in may

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