CAPCOM Never Even Considered a God of War-style Change for Devil May Cry 5, Says Itsuno

CAPCOM never even considered a God of War-style change for Devil May Cry 5, according to Game Director Hideaki Itsuno. They listened to fans instead.

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Chris_Wray2100d ago

That's a good thing I suppose. While God of War has certainly been made better as a result of the change, it may not work for every game. Devil May Cry has always been stupid, silly, fun and keeping it that way has certainly worked out, if my hands-on at Gamescom is anything to go by.

Aceman182100d ago

Honestly there is not much they could do to change it up much.

naruga2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

though they totally considered (and totally destroyed that way) Resident Evil series by making RE7 First Person!!.... its a good thing they didnt change DMC5 ala God of War but wouldnt be that much of a radical change in comparison to what they did on poor Resident

NapalmSanctuary2100d ago

Actually, the irony of the headline and your comment is that DmC was very much a classic GoW clone where its combat was concerned, and that was the main problem with it. Its telling that GoW goes through a massive identity shift and very few voices rise in protest, where as, they try the same thing with DMC series and the internet shits a brick... and it would have happened the same way even if DmC had gone the same 'Dark Souls meets TLoU' route that the GoW reboot did. I hate to say it cause I love David Jaffe, but DMC's fan base actually cared about their favorite game, as to where GoW's fanbase, for the most part, just seem to have wanted the character back. They apparently didn't give 2 shits about the original gameplay.

bouzebbal2100d ago

for you they destroyed RE7 with the FPS view.
i agree with you FPS view wasn't the best for the game, but it was enough for me that they brought back the puzzles and the exploration from the old ones.
I also regret the lack of zombies but again the game really went back to its roots despite RE4 5 and 6 being a commercial success for Capcom.

now we are getting RE2 remake and that is very promising for what's coming next.

for DMC5 style, i am glad they kept it somewhat the same as the old ones and focus on the action.
god of war has a more mature scenario and the new episode is very story focused. the shoulder view really helped with that.
DMC5 scenario on the other hand can be written on a subway ticket, good they are focusing on the action, the main asset of the series.

Iloveherliezz2099d ago

@NapalmSanctuary did you just say DMC is GOW clone hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !
You do know that the 3RD DMC game came out a MONTH BEFORE the 1ST GOW game right!?!?!?!?!?!?!

NapalmSanctuary2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


"did you just say DMC is GOW clone"

No. I said DmC was a GoW clone. Thats why the internet shit a brick. Pay attention.

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I_am_Batman2100d ago

I don't agree that God of War has certainly been made better. I love the new God of War game especially because it sets up the new world and story in such a great way that the next titles will undoubtedly benefit from it but in doing so, new challenges arise which it handles with varying degrees of success or failure.

Movefasta19932099d ago

I still prefer god of war 3's combat over 4. I don't care how many disagrees I get, nothing better than those wild airborne combos. It wasn't as deep as dmc3 and 4 but it was wild.

Christopher2099d ago

The problem was after 3 is when they realized their system was running out of steam for them I think. At the least there's always GoW original trilogy to play.

I have my issues with the new GoW, but I accept and didn't dislike the new combat system though I do question how they will evolve it going forward.

ShockUltraslash2097d ago

And in dad of war they removed air combos and jumping all together.

ccgr2100d ago

Still have yet to play this series

thatguyhayat2100d ago

Theres devil may cry 1 2 3 4
The correct order is
3 1 4 2 i think

Andy_Dee2100d ago

3, 1, 4 is correct. They jumped the number 2 because of how bad the game turned out to be.

Now if 5 can be awesome and let me play Dante or Trish thank you!

flaming_scorpion2100d ago

Andy_Dee they just recently confirmed DMC5 takes place after 2

NapalmSanctuary2095d ago

DMC2 needs to be remade into a proper DMC game.

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Jackhass2100d ago

Yeah, don't think Dante or Nero need to become dads just yet.

Dark_Knightmare22100d ago

I don’t think that’s what he meant but ok

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TheOptimist2100d ago

Thankfully. I love the DMC games for what they are.

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