Xbox All Access, Game Pass and Scarlett show Microsoft's desperation

— Xbox Enthusiast:

Microsoft has been making some extreme maneuvers this generation with its new services. The Xbox team is clearly preparing to try and lead the pack next-gen

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iplay1up252d ago

Not desperation, smart business move. I Have Games Pass, and its fantastic. I also have the X1X, and its a great Console. If given an option, I would have paid the Monthly, installments, instead of all upfront. I think its a great idea. X1X has a ton of enhanced games. Both S and X have 4 K blu ray, and the X1X supports Dolby Atmos Sound and Dolby Vision. Smart investment.

Apocalypse Shadow52d ago


They wouldn't have to if the system was selling like gangbusters.

UltraNova52d ago

In all honesty it was just a matter of time before someone started this Netflix/mobile contract thing on consles, its just happened to be MS. As long as there's the choice to buy everything individually (like always) then it doesn't bother me, actually I couldn't care less about it, let them to what the want.

NeoGamer23252d ago

Yup, companies that fall behind do things to catch up, company's that are ahead do the same things that got them ahead.

That is not desperation. That is company's competing and that is good for gamers. With the first XB, MS failed to get good market share. With 360 they had solid market share and Sony were playing catch up to XB Live and the games for the first two to three years of the generation. One could call that desperation. Sony made massive changes to get competitive again. Dropping hardware BC, dropping PS3 price quickly, improving PSN, equaling MS exclusives, then adding free games to bundle with PSN. Now, it is MS' turn, are doing things just like Sony did last gen to get gamers back. If MS is desperate today, then Sony was desperate last gen.

annoyedgamer52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Let's be honest. I have made it clear that I despise game subscription services and digital sales. But we both know that Sony will be launching their own plan soon and they do the opinion here on N4G will do a 180. Similar to paying for online.

itsmebryan52d ago

Are you saying they are not making a profit. They generated $3.9 Billion USD in the 2nd quarter of 2018 and was up 8%. Seems like they are doing ok to must. You don't have to be number one to do well.

Kumakai52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Dude. Your comments are naive and childish. You’re just a fanboy. Put some real effort. It’s like watching a trump supporter say all bad trump news is fake. Replace the word desperation with foresight. MS is getting a jump and plan on the future. Facts are easily found to explain this whole story.

The real problem is a word called margin. It’s a economic term. Look it up. Nintendo is worried about the same shit. It’s the number that shows how much profit you get vs how much you spent to make a product. In video game world it means games are too expensive to make and be sustainable at current prices and people don’t want to pay more for games. Mechanisms to generate more revenue like MTs are backfiring spectacularly. The game industry will follow the lead of music and tv show entertainment which suffered similar problems. Spotify and Apple Music were direct results of that problem. Now MS and soon Nintendo will be pushing that agenda... to make it sustainable and affordable to the user while increasing that word.... margin. .

Tres2151d ago

So what your saying is ppl dont use this same options at rent a center or alans to get a ps4? Cause the ps4 is selling also but its another option for ppl who dont have the cash to still get the console is all it is.

Christopher51d ago

***But we both know that Sony will be launching their own plan soon and they do the opinion here on N4G will do a 180.***

I stand by the fact that I am not into renting games but owning them. Sony coming with their own won't change that. I just hope subscription models don't turn into something where people who subscribe get preferential treatment to those who don't.

ArmrdChaos51d ago

About as desperate as those seeking attention in these treads with their comments. lol

LandoCalrissiano51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Xbox's quarterly report was up 39%. I don't think they care. So instead of selling Word and Excel separately, they bundle it into office in a package and that's desperate? If there's one thing MS knows how to do, it's offer services.

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Kribwalker52d ago

I agree. It isn’t desperation. It’s a great way for people to get into gaming with less up front cost. They did the same thing last gen, and they were selling great before that

gangsta_red52d ago

"Xbox All Access, Game Pass and Scarlett show Microsoft's desperation"

Sounds like some regular business decisions a lot more than desperation imo. It's obvious that MS with All Access is trying to get as many Xbox's in as many homes as easy as possible, with that comes not only Live subscriptions but Game Pass, another subscription on top of that.

MS and other companies know that hardware isn't where the bulk of the money is for long term success, it's in monthly subscription services across a wide number of active users.

Scarlett is the same (if true) it'll be a streaming box which will cost much less than the next Xbox but still provide the features of Live.

The goal for these companies isn't one and done purchases loke days of old but to keep a user spending money for as long as possible.

CarlDechance52d ago

And let's keep in mind that this is actually a pretty lucrative deal for Microsoft. This isn't like they are taking a massive discount on the product. They are requiring a two year subscription of both Xbox Live Gold (at regular price) and Game Pass along with the console. And they are handing off the finance duties to Dell. So hard for me to see the "desperate" angle on this especially considering this is so limited in scope.

Madmoose51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It's funny how none of the persistently haters & sheeple following want to dispute your link & the FACTS that you stated. As what you're saying is definitely true. So, what was the excuse then guys? They were selling great last generation while doing similar thinga. And there's plenty of people up here offering evidence to back that up.

If we REALLY want to talk desperation, we can look at all the peeps (along with the originator of this garbage piece) up here trying to downplay this & paint everything as a negative. Like someone said though, the minute their precious does it, you could absolutely bet your sack that the180 will be swift & real. Only then will it suddenly be a good decision to the bulk of the folk here. While to others, just another example of them following in someone else's footsteps & folks not batting an eye after all the critiquing like now.

Ceaser985736152d ago

Smart business move lol! No. its not.. Or a Smart business move gets your sales going.. Had MS done this from say 2 years before it would have been a better move.. Also had Xbox been doing well all of this wouldn't exist..

PsylentKiller52d ago

MS did do this last gen with the 360 and two years if live.

cyber_daemonx52d ago

Do you really think ms would have done this if they were leading this gen. It was purely because they were getting an ass kicking tbh. Desperation indeed.

cigi52d ago

You are an idiot. So every move by companies to do better is desperation if they are not the biggest fish.

Read Apple, Nintendo, ... Etc. Best keep adding.

It baffels me how much people try to downplay an interesting move that only increases option for the users.

Desperation seems more on the Sony fans side. But why is it just because they hate all Microsoft or because they arre scared.

Aceman1852d ago

I would never risk the chance of messing up my credit going this route. If I can't buy a system outright I can wait for them to go on sale, or do without. There are more things important to me than gaming.

SierraGuy51d ago

Exactly taking advantage of those who really can't afford it while charging extra.

The 1X will end up costing more than $800.00 and their idioticly named Scarlett will be around the corner once your done paying the thing off.

michaelknight3551d ago

i agree but Microsoft is the black sheep this generation look at these clowns in the comment section

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Lennoxb6352d ago

Desperation until Sony does the same thing. You know the cycle.

Why o why52d ago

Like ps plus or achievements. . . Both copy. . The motivations for these moves can differ. Ms has to do more just to compete this gen. Last gen when they were in front they got complacent. . Sony in front this gen doubled down. . There's a difference.

Ciporta198052d ago

How is ps plus copying? In fact if ms hadn't copied Sony by doing games with gold then ps+ and Xbox live would be very different services.

Why o why51d ago

They copy each other. . . . Ms copied ps plus Sony copied achievements.

CarlDechance52d ago

Chances of Sony doing something like this are slim.

81BX52d ago

Play Station Plus says hello

CarlDechance52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Should have clarified. I'm referring to the All Access part. Sony has already implemented a streaming service so that there is no "until" as far as that is concerned. Sony has no need to offer finance purchasing options. PS4 continues to sell extremely well as it is.


PS+ is not the same as Game Pass at all, if that is what you mean. Really not sure what you are referring to.

Nitrowolf252d ago


pS Plus was a different service when it came to the field, it was at the time completely optional and geared as a service that offered monthly games.they only added multiplayer as a requirement this gen, so regardless no it was not “copying ms”.

Sure maybe as a subscription, but are we gonna say that Netflix copied them to or any other subscription services?

ZXCPCA50051d ago

Really, trialling the PSVR for 30 days in your own home wasn't a desperate move?

CarlDechance51d ago

"Really, trialling the PSVR for 30 days in your own home wasn't a desperate move? "

I never said anything MS has done was a desperate move. I see nothing "desperate" about a finance option. If you consider the PSVR trial desperate....fine. Really don't care though.

SierraGuy51d ago

Sony doesn't need to do this.

The name PlayStation sells itself upfront.

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FallenAngel198452d ago

“Sony got arrogant at the start of the 7th-generation, leading the PS3 to have a rough early life.“

Funny how even during this “rough period” that PS3 still sold at a faster rate than 360 since day one.

“Like Sony, Microsoft got arrogant and paid the price for it.”

Idk what Microsoft had to get arrogant about.
Yeah they eventually came ahead in North America, but they came last in every other market. Never before has there been a console that won the NA region but ended up being the least successful and slowest selling console globally of its generation, yet Xbox 360 did.

Even at its most successful peak Microsoft couldn’t outperform Sony on a global scale. That’s nothing to get arrogant about.

“The introduction of these new services, along with all the restructuring that Phil Spencer’s revamped Xbox team has been doing over the years, clearly shows that Microsoft’s goal at this point is to stop playing second-best to Sony.”

That isn’t going to change how the Xbox brand is perceived in regions outside of North America. Even if by the slimmest chance this move does gain Microsoft victory in NA next gen, just like with Xbox 360 they’d still be behind PlayStation in the global market. Plus it’d be hard to win NA over again completely with a now reinvigorated Nintendo and an outstanding Sony.

mandingo52d ago

What do you mean? 360 outsold ps3 for a long time until Microsoft stopped caring and moved on to next gen where they then proceeded to get arrogant and make bad decisions cough Don Matrick cough

xX-oldboy-Xx52d ago

The only time 360 outsold PS3 was when PS3 wasn't on the market.

But your right about MS not caring, that's there go to play at the end of every generation.

Madmoose50d ago

I don't know why the disagrees, as it was certainly the truth. Some of won't allow their revisionist and made up history to acknowledge that though.

FallenAngel198452d ago

PS3 outsold 360 since 2007, which is very revealing once you consider everything PS3 had going against it and everything 360 had going for it.

A console with that much of a headstart shouldn’t get outsold period, yet 360 still came in last because the Xbox brand isn’t as strong in other regions

Kribwalker51d ago

but the ps3 didn’t outsell the 360 in the place where the financing offer was, in the USA.

FallenAngel198450d ago

Financing offer?

It’s not like Sony wasn’t able to secure exclusive content from third parties on its console last gen.

mandingo50d ago

Regardless, I hope you had a 360 because you missed out on some of the best games ever made. Same can be said for Ps4 this gen.

Godmars29052d ago

Its arrogance factoring in that MS only really cared about the US market. Same as how since they only consider online gaming, multiplayer gaming, it effects how they make games.

itsmebryan52d ago

Funny how people recreate history. Fact PS3 didn't catch up to the 360 in sales at least in the US till the end of the of that generation. Don't forget it came out at $600 way back than. That is alot more that the X1X now. Smh

IRetrouk52d ago

The 360 only ever outsold the ps3 globaly in one year, 09 or 10, would need to look again and i cant be arsed, every year both systems were out the ps3 sold more, the only lead ms had was from the year and a half in europe and year in the us that it was on market on its own, as soon as the wii and ps3 launched they both outsold the 360, no recreation here, look up the world wide numbers for yourself.

CBaoth51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

PS3 never caught up to the 360 in the US. It was a sales behemoth here. It even outsold the Wii. PS3 did eventually overtake 360 globally in 2012 yet there's a huge disparity between the two in the States. That's why some publishers like EA were silently backing MS before launch. While Sony is clearly number one in the NA market, MS is still competitive here. The real advantage for Sony this gen & last has been the emergence of the European market and Sony's dominance there. PS3. It even outsold the Wii there.

IRetrouk51d ago

Sonys had the European region on lock since ps1, it hasnt just emerged, no one region is more important than another if globably that success isnt mirrored, the us is a big market but not so much if its your only market.

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PhoenixUp52d ago

“Essentially, it seems like Microsoft is doing what SEGA did, albeit in a much smarter way and with the financial backing to actually do it.“

Sega lost money because of releasing so much hardware that ended up flopping in a short period of time along with some third parties and retailers not supporting them.

That’s not exactly what’s happening with Microsoft right now.

Concertoine51d ago

I think what theyre referencing is Sega having a monthly payment program for the Dreamcast in an attempt to get them into homes.

Its not a dumb move but Sega didnt have the financial security to do it.

littletad52d ago

"Articles" like these are desperation themselves.