Nvidia set to revolutionise laptop graphics

When Steve Jobs talked about Nvidia's GeForce 9400M during his MacBook launch presentation he waxed lyrical about the new chip's super capabilities. This could be seen as just another Jobsism. After all, many will see the 9400M as just another notebook graphics chip. But that's not the whole story - it means Nvidia can target the whole of the laptop market, and that means bog-standard notebooks, too.

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gusto3649d ago

And it will be a £150 netbook ;-)

MvmntInGrn3648d ago

Not sure how well it'll run Crysis. I have a 9700M GT in my laptop and Crysis runs well at mid-high (not very high) 1280x720 so I my guess would be low-mid.

DevastationEve3648d ago

gaming laptops are just defeating the purpose. they need to be at least 17" and have decent sound, right? i have a 17" and it's great, but there are times when i curse how heavy it is (a good 8 lbs). a gaming desktop would better suit people out there. plus proprietary parts restrict you from ever making good on one of technologies greatest features: upgrading.