Microsoft unveils new Xbox Elite controller in robot white

Microsoft is introducing a new version of its popular Xbox Elite controller today. While many had been hoping for a second-generation controller with three-level Hair Trigger Locks and an adjustable lock design for the thumbsticks, Microsoft is introducing a robot white design of its existing Xbox Elite controller that matches the company’s Xbox One S console.

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lxeasy141d ago

Not at all it looks pretty cool in white

AngainorG7X141d ago

It looks pretty cool indeed but i think we all expected an Elite 2.0 announcement

WickedLester141d ago

Do we NEED a 2.0? What exactly is lacking with the original that a 2.0 is even necessary?

GottaBjimmyb140d ago

@wicked A good start would be rubber grips that do not slowly peel off over time, or are at least replaceable. My other controllers with rubber grips (even my PS2 controllers) have never even slightly began to peel off, let alone come almost completely off.

Nu140d ago

My elite controller broke in several ways in just a few weeks

kwijgaming140d ago

Mine broke too. I've got really bad stick drift on the left thumbstick, and no amount of repairs will fix it. You have to dismantle the controller and de-solder the whole mechanism from the board and replace it. I was really hoping for a V2 instead of buying another identical controller but I guess I'll have to wait.

AngainorG7X140d ago


It breaks after a while

slate91141d ago

Disappointing but the white does look good lol.

AizenSosuke141d ago

disappointed but hey it's something at least.

meka2611141d ago

I am so pissed about my elite controller. Thought it was awesome and loved the design, but then my damn LB and RB broke because it's cheap plastic. $150 and they use cheap plastic on them, so pissed about that.

optimus141d ago

isn't every button on the elite customizable? why don't you just replace those that are broken?

meka2611141d ago

Yea I'm looking into doing that. And the only things that you can replace are the analog sticks, the d-pad, and the bottom triggers. It's just messed up that microsoft won't replace it for me, paid enough damn money for it. And definitely wondering why I got disagrees for stating facts, guess those are hated here at n4g lol.

ThinkThink141d ago

Meka, take it back to the microsoft store. They always take them back and issue you a new one. How old is it?

CarlDechance141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

The shoulder buttons cannot be replaced without taking the controller apart. The thumbsticks and D-Pad are replaceable.

"They always take them back and issue you a new one. How old is it? "

There is only a 90 days warranty on Xbox accessories. So it better be pretty new.

Sgt_Slaughter140d ago

That's not how it works. Thumbsticks and D-Pad are the only regular controls that can be swapped.

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optimus140d ago

i think you got disagrees for saying it was cheap plastic. it could be you're too rough with the controller? ...anyway, you should try the Wish app. they sell controller parts on there that are very inexpensive. so what if you have to take the controller apart. just don't lose the screws when you do. ....i replaced the face plate and grip handles to a nice felt red/black fade which anything similar on the design lab store would have cost me $70 compared to the $12 i spent....and yes i saw parts for every piece of the controller.

meka2611140d ago

Yea I actually have ordered parts from amazon, hoping they fit right. Thankfully it was cheap and only paid $11.

ImGumbyDammit141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Looks great. But, where is the Elite Controller 2 (EC2)? I hope this announcement doesn't mean it isn't arriving anytime soon. Because if the EC2 is just around the corner then shame on Microsoft for bringing out a new white controller on the older model just before they bring out a new version of the Elite controller. I am personally just holding off until the EC2 arrives.

Edit: Well I guess this whole white theme thing is going along with the new white X just announced (white console, headphones, and EC) for Fallout 76. Still, I am not getting this old model EC but, might replace the X1S I have in the study with the new white X. It will look great on my white shelves next to my white PS4 Pro. Of course, I will still have my black X in the living room.

conanlifts141d ago

I think MS are missing sales by not announcing an elite 2, I might have bought an elite 2, but not this. Also disappointed it doesn't support Bluetooth like the white S controllers.

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