Darkzero: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood review


"BioWare have created a lot of different environments for the player to wander round. They all seem to stem from the Sonic universe, for instance Green Hill Zone with its loops and greenery. The art style of these areas is charming and befitting of the game, but also sometimes makes it difficult to navigate through the complex routes with the similarly useful world map providing little extra help. Frustration at only being stuck because of the level design, not the difficulty, can be enough to cause a severe case of giving up which is really something that should've been avoided at all costs during development.

Regrettably, this is about the only place you'd ever get stuck on SC. No enemies are really strong enough to slow you down, and although the story is quite engrossing, it isn't enough to keep players motivated. BioWare should maybe have considered that most righteous of statements, "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" and been a bit nasty at places to prolong the lifespan.

Considering the initial shock of a Sonic RPG, and the potential, I think that SC could've been a bit better in most aspects but TDB definitely lays solid foundations for the probable sequel. It really is an RPG but delivered Sonic style; fast and fun."

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