Microsoft Worked On An Xbox VR Headset To Compete With PlayStation VR

The Xbox company reportedly had big plans for Xbox VR but has since put those plans on ice.

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UltraNova142d ago

Of course they did, but why take any risk themselves when they can let others do the heavy lifting for them and "jump in" if it catches on?

Apocalypse Shadow142d ago

Yup. The Microsoft MO. Watch others make a way, then jump in and tell others they were there all the time. Then try and own it and monopolize it.

Think this article will get scrapped like the other one though because there isn't any verifiable proof they were making one and backed out. If the CNET one was failed, this gamespot one that uses CNET will probably fail too.

Good news though is that gamers still have a great console vr hmd to turn to with games like torn and firewall just coming out with Zoe Mars and creed just around the corner in September.

AngelicIceDiamond142d ago

Or VR isn't MS focus at the end of the day.They need trust back when it comes to delivering AAA games. After coming from a failure that is Kinect they can't afford to jump on the VR train and further their AAA issues. IMO VR should not be a thing until 1st party is lock down then they can venture out and do VR.

Apocalypse Shadow141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Should be some kind of focus Angel. It's not like they are doing anything else with themselves. And, it's not like they don't have franchises under their belt to have in VR.

My list of games they could have had in vr

Halo 1 Master chief collection version in vr with 2 player campaign co-op and online play
Gears of War ultimate edition vr minus the roll ability and tweaked speed
Minecraft vr not like the Hololens one is coming anytime soon
Flight Simulator vr. yes. bring it back. Or...
Crimson Skies vr without the roll
Kinect vr sports
Links vr. how come there isn't a good vr golf game on any hmd. ridiculous
Viva Pinata vr. yeah it would look that good
Blinx or Conker vr
Microsoft Train Simulator vr. yes. trains are fun.
1 vs 100. That's your social game right there.
Forza 4 or 5 in vr. 6? forget it
Dance central. Now, you're really on the dance floor Adventures without the feet used

And I'm not even warmed up. And that's not counting the 3rd party games they could have had like Super hot,Dirt Rally,Batman, Battle zone, job simulator, Arizona Sunshine, Sports bar 2.0, Mortal Blitz, Archangel, I Expect you to die, Raw Data,Megaton Rainfall, Dream match tennis,Pinball FX vr, Skyrim, Chess ultra, Ultra wings,etc,etc.

And, not counting any new stuff they would have had like Creed, Zoe Mars, Evasion, Torn, The Persistence,etc to play in-between waiting for their in-house games to catch up.

Instead, they gave up and came up with an excuse that they are waiting for wireless which is years down the road. Basically next Gen is what they are saying. They could have come out swinging instead of throwing in the towel. Remember, this company has more money than Sony and Nintendo combined. Yet, produces less content for their Xbox Division. It's shameful.

If an Ex-Xbox fan who still owns the original console until RROD showed up and the DRM fiasco can come up with this stuff. I know they can come up with this stuff unless they're nothing but suits and not real gamers at the top.

Jinger141d ago

Bruh, Firewall is awesome. Played for a couple hours last night and it is great. If you like team based shooters and have the Aim Controller I highly recommend it.

AngelicIceDiamond141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

"Remember, this company has more money than Sony and Nintendo combined. Yet, produces less content for their Xbox Division. It's shameful."

Because MS failed to produce more. They shunned their 1st party for some Sports/Kinect/casual box for the past 7 years with various non gaming suits shaping the Xbox into an image nobody wanted besides casuals and kids. Their focus was on other things other than producing what gamers really want. MS could of easily jumped on the VR bandwagon but in reality how would that look? I can see the headlines now "MS abandoned Kinect and pursuing VR, where are your AAA games MS?" In a alternate universe your narrative would be a far cry from what you're sayin now. "MS needs AAA first party games not VR!" Fable VR or a new ip that's only VR MS would get ripped into shreds. So i disagree because not only will the narrative be allot different MS can't afford not to do anything other than focus on AAA games. I don't mean 1 or 2 games I'm talkin about consistency like Sony then they can do VR safely. Because right now its not safe.

81BX141d ago

Did they fix the lag in response time? The game looked cool. Saw a dev vid. When the guy moved there was some lag time In the movement

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jagermaster619141d ago

That was very smart of them if you ask me. lol I bet you didn't buy a psvr right?

meka2611141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Umm I hate to break it to you, but sony are the copiers, not microsoft. Dualshock controller was stolen from a pc company design, playstation network copied off of xbox live and dreamcast, trophies are copied off of acheivements, the move was copied off of the wii and the eyetoy was a copy of the kinect. Sony definitely has exclusives out the ass, but that's all they have. You can like whatever system you want, but I just cannot stand the sony bias at this site anymore.

monkey602141d ago

I'm not going to disagree with everything you said but the Eye Toy does predate the Kinect by a huge gap

meka2611141d ago

Gotcha monkey, missed one there. But most of the others are completely true. Everyone copies a good idea.

XiNatsuDragnel142d ago

Pretty much sums up a lot tbh in my opinion!

Profchaos141d ago

Vr is honestly a game changer I love mine however it's not somthing you would play daily because sometimes you're just exhausted and want a regular flat screen sesh but when done right like re7 it can't be touched in terms of immersion.

I think what held Ms back was the base xbox one I could see that struggling with graphics but the one x would be incredible with vr

chris235141d ago

i was excited for hololens. but now that they decided they do not want to serve the mass market with it i gave up on the idea if buying a xoxbox for it. *shrugs* i got the vive and psvr, i am basically not in need of another company with the same product. they better quit gaming completely and focus on their main income: sports and tv licences. everybody would be better off.

shaggy2303140d ago

Reason for hololens not being made for the home user is purely down to price.

Can you imagine buying one for $5000?

Skankinruby141d ago

As others have said this is just how they do business. No passion in their product they simply take what other companies have done and make they're own tweaks to the product and release they're own version. Which thus far the half assed nature of these attempts has been very obvious and it no doubt would have been for vr as well.

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