PSM3 Blog: Fallout 3 looks rubbish on PS3

PSM3 staff writes: "Fallout 3 looks rubbish on PS3 - Claim the predictable internet headlines, but we've played it on all three platforms - and here's the real, if less exciting, truth...

Our exclusive Fallout 3 PS3 review (from PSM3#107) has leaked onto the Internet and, as expected, a single sentence has been dragged out, beaten and interrogated under a spotlight. This one; "The PS3 version compares poorly to its Xbox and PC counterparts." Which, in the parlance of the Internet, obviously means; "THE PS3 VERSION SUCKS! XBOX WINS! ANOTHER CRAPPY PORT!" But that isn't the case. The PS3 version just looks SLIGHTLY WORSE than the other versions."

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TOO PAWNED3651d ago

Guys from Bethesda or what ever name is, called them and ordered them to say something like this. Hahha, nice try, like i said i am not buying crappy ports, instead i will get FarCry 2.

chaosatom3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

they had the ps3 figured out.

p.s PSM didn't even finish the 360 version !! I guess I'll wait for a few more reports before slashing out on the besthda.

YOU know that Kotaku is going to declare 360 winner this gen by reading the articles.

SL1M DADDY3651d ago

The fanboys seem to have run with something that is purely slight. It's just not needed anymore and those that are looking for such minute detail differences are just wasting too much time on something that truly doesn't matter.

hay3651d ago

Fanboys are capable of riding ants for their holy crusade.

We will see how this situation will evolve.

Masta_fro3651d ago

Stop buying crappy ports. And even if your are buying crappy ports you should say youre not gonna buy crappy ports.

Because developers listen to the internet (sometimes anyway) and they get scared...Because even if the game sells 200,000 in the first week, this happens: "Man, if only the ps3 version had been a bit more polished, we probably would have sold 300,000."

So I WILL NOT BUY THIS SH!T, even if I am.

Nineball21123651d ago

Now that was funny! Bubbles!

I'm definitely not buying this one (even if I am). :D

Why o why3651d ago

I WONT BUY IT (even though ive got it already)

comm133651d ago

But you also know that there will be comparison videos the first day this will come out and the "news" will have 5 pages of comments.

himdeel3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

...a no buy for some PS3 fans now. With the economy kicking my buttcheeks as of late I've decided to ONLY buy exclusives for 360 and PS3. Multiplatform games nowadays are RENT or BORROW ONLY "for me" when they aren't designed properly, supported, or developed to be identical on all platforms. It's just too expensive to justify purchasing what I'd consider a half assed product.

I expect exclusive titles to be the AAA products and appreciate it when the actual games meet my expectations. Maybe later when the economy turns back around I can go back to buying multiplatform titles but for now it's a no go.

Man_of_the_year3651d ago

Ya thats the way guys - don't buy Sony games - and when the devs see that their games are not being played on the PS3 - they will drop support for the console faster than Sony's cell chip can add 1+1.

Why not buy the games you are interested in and voice your opinions on the official boards??

Don't screw future potentials just because of the present disappointments...The game still got 9/10...sounds like AAA game to me...

Diamondwolf3651d ago

I'm in utter shock :) And extremely happy at the same time!

By God, for the first time, I'm going to agree with Man of the Year

Nice comment bro!

I've been saying the same thing when people been writing on stopping support on the PS3 for [Valve, 2K, EA, (insert 3rd party dev)]

PS3 fanboys need to stop crying over this and enjoy the game. The minute you guys boycott and stop purchasing a game because it looks worse than the others is when the support will STOP!

If you want to show the devs and make them pay attention, MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO BUY THESE SO-CALLED CRAPPY PORTS!

Publishers and Devs will follow the money. If PS3 is making more money than X-box and PC and proves to be the best investment, the games will DRASTICALLY improve

himdeel3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

...while I understand your logic in part I'd don't think buying more bad games is the answer. These developers have to prove their mettle first and then maybe people will consider buying more of their titles. Companies are looking at the bottom line which is money in the bank.

I think if developers continue to lose gobs of money on their mulitiplatform titles on a particular platform they wont just stop making games for that platform. From a business prospective they've already invested money in developing the title for the platform and have already lost some money.

So it usually comes down to do they want to spend the money on the front end to create a quality product to break even/make a profit or are they willing to lose money on both ends by not properly backing a project.

Diamondwolf3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

But that's the thing Himdeel, is these games aren't that bad. The only thing that's affects these games are the people who want to get in p!ssing contests with the other console whether it's better on PS3 or Xbox 360. Developers have already shown that they are capable of doing a good port and doing a bad one.

It comes down to scheduling and what people don't understand is that these devs have a deadline. If they delay the PS3 port because they want to optimize more, then people will cry more. It's a lose, lose cycle, so it all basically boils down to user support.

True they will follow the money, and if you know a particular platform is your true golden goose, you will get that extra time, set better deadlines, and make sure that you can maximize your profits with you're money maker, in this case console-wise, it's the 360.

Think about it, if the game was exclusive, would this issue stop you from buying the game if you didn't know about it? It doesn't take away from the gameplay, it'll just bother the graphic wh*res who need every single game to be realistic and doesn't matter anymore.

OGharryjoysticks3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I think it is a reviewers responsiblity to let the public know the truth, but in many cases (including this one) I wonder what the "powers that be" are behind changes in stance? Considering Oblivion ran smoother on PS3 when it finally was released this turn of events doesn't sound like fair game, and maybe Microsoft actually got more than just exclusive DLC from Bethesda on this one.

And for the group of posters futher down preaching about supporting a game when it's obvious the company doesn't care. Look Bethesda can release a couple free themes for the PSN and make it seem they are committed to releasing a quality PS3 product, but coming from Oblivion to this if the actual game quality improves on every platform except one then they can count me out when it's only that one platform that matters to me.

EDIT. Diamond Wolf, thanks for the feedback. To me it's the principal of the whole thing. Obviously the guy noticed it, so regardless of how he tries to smooth it out and explain to make it no big deal it can't happen now. It sucks that performance for Bethesda on the PS3 got worse while the other platforms got better. I'm sure the game is still playable on PS3, but there's also a bunch of other games that are too. If I owned a 360 I would definetely pick this one up because it's clear Bethesda is catering to PC and 360 for Fallout 3.

Diamondwolf3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Nice comment, and no offense, but that sucks to be in that state of mind.

Me personally I will voice my opinion to Bethesda, but I will also day 1 PS3 this game. I love the Fallout universe, and if the game sucks, then it's not going to be because the 360 is "slightly" better, it's going to be because a) The gameplay reeks or b) They destroyed my beautiful vision of the fallout series spawned from Fallout, F2 and Fallout Tactics (Brotherhood of Steel sucked :/ )

I guess I just don't get it, I mean when I played Goldeneye64 when it came out, I was still immersed in that world when the graphics were ooogly.

To me a horrible port is Madden 08, it ran super slow and was practically unplayable

Jamegohanssj53650d ago

Everyone who knows me on here knew I wasn't going to buy this anyway. I'm more than likely not even going to buy Far Cry 2.


himdeel3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

...I acknowledge your points because they are good ones. I could use dance around and argue that I wouldn't buy the exclusive with these problems but I cannot in good faith say so categorically. I however continue to take issues with two duplicate games looking/playing differently on two similar platforms.

Lifendz3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

65 bucks in this day and age for an inferior product? No thanks. I don't care how you spin it, if it's inferior it's inferior. I wasn't going to get LBP (I don't have internet access for my PS3) but now may I will. It's a shame though cuz I was looking forward to Fallout 3 on PS3.

And BTW, if the difference was slight or negligible, then why mention it? There's no reason to. I mean, you know that people that own both are going to buy the superior version and you know some people (myself included) will not pay full price for an inferior product. Madden 08 for PS3 was said to have a slight frame rate problem and that "slight" problem bugged the heck outta me. I returned the game and said "maybe next time."

Heck, maybe now I'll pick up Dead Space or Mirror's Edge.

Tarasque3650d ago

"Considering Oblivion ran smoother on PS3 when it finally was released this turn of events doesn't sound like fair game, and maybe Microsoft actually got more than just exclusive DLC from Bethesda on this one."

This is such and idiotic statement i can't even believe someone would say this. You know why the PS3 version was a little better, first off it was being a little rushed to get it to be a launch title for the 360, secondly they had almost a year and a half to port it over to the ps3. Sure it is going to look better. That is the same difference as the Ut3 looking alot better on the 360 why, cause it came out a 6 months later for the 360 so they had more time to polish.

jaysquared3650d ago

Yes stop buying crappy ports PS3 owners so that they don't have to release their games on the PS3.. I dont understand that reasoning of not buyin crappy ports. Maybe if PS3 owners buy more games they will convert their main platfor to the PS3 instead of the 360.

GameDev3650d ago

so invested in what PS3 owners buy??

first of all I think it's all a bunch of crap and the game will look the same on both consoles. Now everytime some idiot makes some proclamation no matter how ridiculous, as long as it bashes the PS3 it's journalistic gold to some people.

And again the whole notion that developers will just drop a platform altogether because of poor sales of one title is THE MOST RIDICULOUS FANBOY LOGIC at it's best. THese idiots would have you believe that developers dictate the market when in fact it is just like any other industry where the consumer is the final word on a particular product.

Sarcasm3650d ago

I'm curious for pictures to back up these claims.

I already played Fallout 3 on the 360. I don't think this should stop PS3 gamers to buy the game. And if there are any differences at all, they are probably minimal like most other ports.

Unless it's half the resolution and runs at 15 frames per second, then okay don't buy it then.

OGharryjoysticks3650d ago

So Oblivion was rushed, huh. Right. As for the PS3 port having all that extra time to cook making it better makes sense and I already knew that because it works like that for any game. But since they took the time to make a game on PS3 already what I was saying is how come they supposedly don't know how to anymore? Maybe there was a fire in the company building and they lost all the PS3 code? :)

callahan093650d ago

I don't know why it didn't occur to me last night when I first saw this article on here, but GEE-WHIZ That Is A Misleading Title! PSM3 is not at all saying it looks rubbish on PS3.

Quickedie3650d ago

Maybe should PS3 fanboys should stop blaming "dumb" and "lazy" developers for inferior ports on their mighty PS3.
Be happy that its even available on PS3, its a difficult technology to work with.
So, also what do you care about a SLIGHTLY inferior port. Play it, and enjoy it. Unless its buggy or looks like sh!t, there reason to complain. Look, I like to play even newer games on my crappy PC. Now, do I start whining because it COULD look better on a $2000 rig?

If you're such a whiner, play PS3 exclusive games such as Uncharted or LBP which are truly fantastic games. OR buy the PC or XBox version if you have one, you shouldn't care who gets the money UNLESS you own Sony or Microsoft stocks.

Now stop this flamebait.

Raz3650d ago

Same uproar as about Bioshock. I'm playing it now (Bioshock, that is) and yes, if I stick my nose right up next to something; the textures sometimes turn to pixelated crap.

But I don't care. Because I'm enjoying the game, which rocks.

Similarly, Fallout will rock. And I'll enjoy the gameplay without nitpicking. ..And all you pixel whores can suck my left nut.

That is all. ^_^

Dmitry Orlov3650d ago

This is a BLOG POST. Why the hell is it news!?
I've been saying it in x360 area all the time. Now ps3 area is plagued too?

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Aquanox3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

One of the biggest contenders for GOTY... and with exclusive content on the Xbox 360, I think there's little doubt now as of which version to get.

What this article says is that the PS3 version of Fallout 3 has lower resolution textures ("muddier"), has framerate problems and noticeable jaggies.

While this doesn't mean that the PS3 version "Sucks" it does mean that its lower graphical quality is noticeable enough to point it out in a Playstation Magazine (And dedicate an article afterwards)

ultimolu3651d ago

Do you play games for only graphics or do you play it because it's a game worth your money?

dkgshiz3651d ago

It nearly got all perfect scores. Also. they said it was slightly different from the 360 version.

thor3651d ago

Yes it's obvious that the PC version will be the superior version out of the 3. That's the version I'll be getting.

gambare3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

if it's exclusive DLC like the GTA one, I'll pass, buying a game and then get bored with it with the promise of a long forgotten content, I'll pass or I don't care what version to get. But it seems that the 360 to PS3 port did his job again, and the PC version is on sale and cheaper.

Keele3651d ago

Aw, don't say that. We all know you expected a better Fallout 3 on ps3 and because you didn't get it you act as if it doesn't matter.

Aquanox3651d ago

I pay for the best experience. In this case, I consider the exclusive content as a big plus to the longevity of the game. The graphical difference is just the final stack to any doubts.

ultimolu3651d ago

Good, then get it for your system and shut the hell up about it already.

NaiNaiNai3651d ago

i haven't seen a single post about you saying anything about graphics. >.> but i also haven't seen you say who cares about the graphics when some one says something good about the ps3. >.> only when they talk bad about it.

-to everyone else-
all i really care about is getting my copy of the game. graphics are nothing, if graphics ment anything to me, i would have stoped playing Final Fantasy 7 like 5 years ago. *just installed on PC last week*

also if graphics what makes a system >.> shouldn't the dreamcast have won. >.>

ultimolu3651d ago

>.> Perhaps you should keep your propagating observations to yourself.

Aquanox3651d ago

You really have some fanboyish temper problems. :/|

From all the disadvantages mentioned in the article, I think the framerate problems is the most worrying. That's what kept me from enjoying Oblivion on the Xbox 360.

Now with a solid framerate, great graphics / gameplay and disc installation, we'll have no problems enjoying this great title.

ultimolu3651d ago

Aquanox, you need to learn how to do something called reading. Unless you're up in front of the T.V with a magnifying glass, I'm sure the PS3 version isn't THAT bad.

I have a fanboy tantrum because I told you to enjoy the game and shut the hell up about it already.

I don't see the reason to brag. Buy the game and have fun. PS3 fans who are getting this game will do the same as well.

etownone3651d ago

"I don't see the reason to brag."

look at the little sonyb1tch.... hahahaha.. you practically begging the bully's to stop picking on you!!

your in the openzone, expect the ps3 to get some heat for this!!
and since this game will be a contender for GOTY!! and the FACT that the 360 version is superior is something to throw in the face of all you little sonykids!!

now go enjoy your movies and shu the hell up!

NaiNaiNai3650d ago

your pathetic man, you get all up because some one says something bad about the ps3, you fanboys are all the same, you say who cares, untill your precios system has something over another.

as i said before, i could care less im getting the game either way, just like i did with fable *even thought ALL ps3 fans say its a flop or crap. >.> not people who own ps3s, im talking fans as in fanboys. saying this now cause the sonyfanboys *or obamas as i like to call them keep twisting my words*

ultimolu3650d ago

NaiNaiNai, interesting that you call someone a fanboy when you act like the biggest fanboy on this site. I've seen your comments and they scream fanboy.

And etownone, you are the very definition of an immature d*ckwad. Enjoy the game. Yes, the 360 version is superior. Yes, it has more DLC you can sink your teeth into. Hell, it's so superior that it'll crush all PS3 exclusives with one blow.

If that's what you want to hear, then so be it.

Happy gaming.

power of Green 3650d ago

It must be pretty bad when a PS mag reports this, you know they were still trying to save face so expect the differences to be worse/bigger when it comes to the console versions(the 360 version is probably closer to the PC version than they say)

That is crazy the media is controlled by the PS3 fanboys(gives PS3 a free pass while very tuffffff on the 360).

NaiNaiNai3650d ago

please copy and paste my most fanboish comment, >.> i really want to know what i said that makes me the biggest fanboy on this site. do tell.

if im a fanboy of anything its FF7. and thats really about it. as for this game, dont care what anyone says still picking it up. >.> paid it off the same day i payed off fable 2.

TheMART3650d ago

And its happening over and over again. With a lot of AAA games

Fallout 3 this time

Bioshock, The Orange Box before.

All games rated well over 9 out of 10 average, all having the best consoleversion on the XBOX 360.

PS3thedestroyer3650d ago

Are a bunch of sad inbread losers who can't get laid because they sit in there mommy and daddies basement and play games all day like and the rest of the time they troll the internet for bad press on sony oh look at me the Mart i live in the Netherlands, i could get a fuk for fo euro but instead i'm gonna buy Fallout 3 a game that's surley gonna be bad after 30 hours of the same repetative sh!t, honestly i saw the demo for this game it looks really laggy and thrustrating to play just like Deus Ex 2 Invisible War on Xbox the console couldn't handle it, it took almost 30 rounds to kill a bad guy, so they fuked that game up, this game looks similar. No wait i forgot your Xbox is at customer services for repair, how many times is that Mart, 7? mabye 8? Oh yea when your Xbox 360 comes back from the repair shop Marty take this into consideration, will you ever reach the end of the game without having to send your console back for repairs ya d!ck, PS3 is the most reliable version that's for sure, Xbox=RROD, chance of fire breaking out and killing you and burning your house down, PC version you might need a exspensive upgrade or face not been able to play at the fullest quality or mabye not at all, PS3 you get what you pay for a game that wont need upgrades that cost a fortune, a game that wont kill you or you wont have to wait an exstra 7 weeks to play the next part of the game!

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PimpHandStrong3651d ago


go read the posts on the last story and you will see the true meaning of fanboys

Fanboy Fart3651d ago

lol, so true.

On topic, the games have slightly differences because of the different architectures of the hardwares, so what, is the same game. Play games and stop this console war BS, be [email protected] gamers.

3651d ago
ericnellie3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I'm sick of hearing fanboys say "Well they should have built the PS3 version first" what generation has any company ever built on the console with the smallest user base first? Sure, some companies will but most won't!
What, that's like saying that last generation they should have made games for the original xbox first and ported games over to PS2...

SL1M DADDY3651d ago

So basically what you are saying is that developers should make their games on the Wii then port them over to the 360 and PS3? lol

I kid! I kid!

bruiser813651d ago

The ps3 has already proven it can sell software, users of the ps3 have also proven that they are far less inclined to buy an inferior port either out of pride or because they are dual console owners. Software developers i'm sure have picked up on this trend so its to their financial benefit for the games to be on par. Install base is only taken into account i believe if a console has yet to sell 10 mil or what ever the critical point is, the ps3 has long since passed that. What i'm saying is developers will develop in whatever order that brings them more profit. If thats the only way to have to ps3 version looking up to snuff and the porting it to the 360 then so be it. I have read its easier to port from the ps3 anyway

ericnellie3650d ago

That was a good come back! I like that.
What I was really getting at is, if you eventually plan on releasing a game on PC when you do a multi-platform title, why start with the PS3 when 360/PC are similar to develop for;)

DaTruth3650d ago

You can't port from PS3 to PC so any game that is on the PC will always have PC as the lead. It's impossible to port up and get the superior graphics that are always on the PC.

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PimpHandStrong3651d ago

yea like GTA and that DLC

i like fancy armour as much as the next guy but why would i pay for it?

the game is over 100 hours long

DLC doesnt matter

TheMART3650d ago

So why have the expansion packs for Oblivion sold so well then on Xbox Live?

I think DLC does matter, maybe not to you but to a lot of people it does.

Roukuko3651d ago

yep the pc one that will have mods these games shouldnt be on consoles