AusGamers Reviews Fracture - 3.9/10

AusGamers writes:

"The end result is an uninspired, out-of-touch archaic product that fails to inspire, let-alone compel. I wouldn't even recommend a hiring of this game, unless you're in it for a laugh, and even then it gets over-bearing because of the serious nature of it all. I think the only thing Fracture will be remembered for is our protagonist's name. Long live Jet Brody."

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Amnesiac3650d ago

Played the demo. Wasn't THAT bad, except for the weapon fire being programmed to L2 and R2 on the PS3. Horrible move.

billythepunk3650d ago

A demo is not the full game though, and they didn't review the demo

Amnesiac3650d ago

So, using your logic, forming an opinion on a game based on playing the demo is pointless?