Top 5 Reasons Not to Play Joust

Everyone raves about Joust as being on par with Pac-man and Tetris. There's a sacred set of games that are perfect in their simplicity. The later games are always amongst the first listed in this sacred set. For some reason though, people like to include the shitty game named "Joust" on that list as well. We are out to destroy that notion with this article. This game is boring, sonically annoying, and not worth the time for what the game tries to give in entertainment value. We hope that Joust will be disregarded as one of the great simple games after this article is read through.

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aceitman3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

joust ate more quarters than u can count back in the day this was 1 of the finest arcade classics and till this day it still is a good game you talk about music in the game uh pac man didnt have music all it had was a noise like a police siren whoo whoo whoo and you hear the dots being ate up and like i said anyone who agrees that joust is better than your article .................. this article, like adam sandler would say your article is lamo and you shouldo be ashameo that you put downo classico jousto damo your articleo its lamoooooooooo adam sandler in saturday night live as opera man

Son of Odin3652d ago

this was funny, but i hope you're not serious. joust was awesome!

OldWizard3652d ago

finally joust is panned!

Stoneroses63003652d ago

isn't this article a little late?

Volvobug3652d ago

how can u be knocking joust! this is outrageous!

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The story is too old to be commented.