God of War: New Game+ is a chance to re-experience the game in all its glory

God of War does the New Game+ experience the right way, delivering a feeling of power, accomplishment, and greater challenge while also encouraging players to experience new dimensions of the game.

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ziggurcat145d ago

They honestly didn’t do enough to entice me into playing it again. Would have if they added new trophies, but I have no incentive to play it for new armour, and I already did it all on God of War difficulty.

AspiringProGenji145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

The point is to play the game with all your upgrades and builds since the start.

ziggurcat145d ago

it's not enough, though. add some trophies, and maybe I'll go through the game again.

littletad144d ago

There's more to life than trophies. Considering I have more games on backlog and work/etc. I'm really glad they didn't add new trophies.

ziggurcat144d ago

"There's more to life than trophies."

Yes, but with the plat achieved already on the hardest difficulty, there's nothing NG+ will offer me. Trophies would be one thing they could do. New armour and a couple of enemies isn't enough of a reason for me to play the game again. That's what I'm saying.