Game Boyz: Resistance 2 Online Beta Impressions

Game Boyz writes: "With only a few weeks to go before the launch of one of Sony's most anticipated games in quite some time, the kind folks at Sony Canada sent us a code for the Resistance 2 beta. For those who did not get into the beta need not worry as the game is right around the corner with a November 4th release date. The Resistance 2 beta is a unique beta in that it not only includes an adversarial multiplayer component with a variety of deathmatches at your disposal, but it also includes an 8-player online cooperative mode. I had the opportunity to give both modes a spin on my PlayStation 3."

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Nineball21125220d ago

I thought that was a pretty fair and balanced "reveiw" of the beta.

Like the author states, this is a beta so keep that in mind. The other big thing is that 60 player maps are running very, very smooth.

It's just a complete blast to play.

chaosatom5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Somebody has a extra code for the beta?

Edit: lol, i did that before you even posted the comment. thx anyway. Hope I get in.

elshimiablo5220d ago

The game gives you so much VALUE

the co-op mode alone gets R2 10/10 based on just the BETA
Shooter GOTY no doubt

Pennywise5220d ago

Whats up with the bars on the side of my screen with 2 play split screen coop. Only mode I had the chance to play so far... Hope they all arent like this.

SIX5220d ago

But it does a great job of maitaining a viewable proportion to split screen. It's actually the most visable split screen I've ever played because of this, which makes for a more enjoyable coop experience.

dro5220d ago

hell yh, if u got the beta add me psn id is jon_abobo.

the beta is so fun,the graphics need a little more polishing but its a beta and not the full game, but that dose not mean the graphics are bad either......its so addictive bcuz u get a point for every hit u get.. the coop is also hard and its not ur average run and gun shooter,if u run ang gun u will get killed(trust me i learnt the hard way).....and the AI is so hard to kill....

based on what i have played i will give it 9.5/10 for online. i took away .5 bcuz the graphics need more polishing and there are some glitches, but its just the beta so the full game might be worth 10/10 in IMO

CR7JUVE18975220d ago

VinnyCafoneJr is my ID.

And yeah, the 8 player co-op is an absolute blast. I've never been a big fan of online multiplayer, but after playing this, I am hooked. I even dusted off Halo 3 and Gears of War to feed my fix