Game Boyz: NBA Live 09 Review

Game Boyz writes: "With only days to go before the start of the NBA season, EA Sports delivers b-ball gamers their annual NBA fix with NBA Live 09. This year EA Canada set out to make a significantly improved basketball game as NBA Live 08 did not exactly set the world on fire. 08 made some significant leaps over the abysmal NBA Live 07; however the franchise has not produced a slam dunk basketball game in quite some time. This year EA promised an improved game with new features, improved animations and more depth than any other NBA game on the market. Needless to say, I was skeptical yet curious to see if the new additions would bring the series back to prominence. You just know the pressure was on for the development team to finally deliver a next-generation basketball game which would make fans, the media and EA jump for joy. Did they succeed? You will just have to continue reading to find out."

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