5 Spin-Offs That Were Better Than the Main Games They Came From

A list of some of our favorite spin-offs that ended up being sort of better than than mainline series that they came from.

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Snookies12676d ago

The Prime series of Metroid is debatable. I still think Super Metroid was the best game in the series, with Fusion being second best. The Prime games certainly were amazing in their own right though.

remixx116675d ago

I think prime 1 was all around the best followed by super Metroid

Skull521675d ago

Does Perfect Dark count?

Matpan675d ago

special mention to Zero mission... I just love that game.

Snookies12674d ago

Zero Mission was awesome as well!

SR38813675d ago

Prime 1 is outstanding... I'm a massive Metroid nerd, 3 and Prime are on par

Snookies12674d ago

Yes it most certainly was. Prime 1 was incredible, I can still vividly picture a lot of the areas from that game to this day. Super Metroid just has a special place in my heart though.

ArchangelMike676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

Everyone should try Prey:Mooncrash. I know it's not strictly a spin-off, but man, I am having so much more fun with it than I did in the main game. The new Roguelike game mechanics make it feel like a whole new game.

Edit: SkillUp knows what I'm taling about

deckardreplicant675d ago

Yeah Heard a lot of good things about Mooncrash

darthv72676d ago

Does Metroid Prime really count as a spin-off??? I mean it still revolves around Samus and the space pirates and metroids and mother brain just in a FPS setting instead of side scrolling.

To me a spin-off is something derived from the main series and able to stand on it's own. Halo ODST is a spin-off because it does not center around MC but rather other UNSC troops in a setting that is parallel to that of Halo 3. Half Life Blue Shift is a spin-off because it takes place in parallel to Gordon Freeman but you play the role of the security guard.

Metroid prime you are just in a different story / setting of the series but still playing as Samus so I don't feel it counts in the same sense. Jeffersons were a spin-off from All in the family. A different world is a spin-off from Cosby show... you get the idea.

PhoenixUp675d ago

What makes Metroid Prime a spinoff compared to other mainline installments in other series that made the jump to 3D?

crxss675d ago

Prime isn’t a spin-off sorry

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The story is too old to be commented.