Are Brahmin The Reason For Fallout 3's Cancellation in India?

Microsoft India cited "cultural sensitivities" in its cancellation of Fallout 3 in India. At the risk of looking like an "ugly American", the article's author speculates whether the "brahmin", the Fallout series' iconic three-headed mutant cows, could have been the specific point of controversy.

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jesuisankit3645d ago

That is quite rite.. Being an indian I can easily see a huge outcry in india by the use of Brahmin name for a mutated cow where cow here is a big religious symbol and the name Brahmin itself belong to a high class scholars in india. This can be a very strong reason the game is not being released in india.

aggh im on fire3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I went to India a few years back and games consoles are not as wide spread and culturally acceptable as they are here. Thats not to say they don't have them just that there not in every other home. Its no surprise Fallout isn't getting a release there due to the content. Which is fair enough.
Amazing country if you ever get the chance to go. An absolute must.

robotnik3645d ago

I'm sure you will be able to import it from Asia.

Bolts3645d ago

How come those games aren't banned, they both depict dead cattle as cover against enemy fire. Bloody western unbelievers, ban them all!

Agent VX3645d ago

Here is just another reason why "Cultures" are completely stupid. I never understood why people feel obligated to defend their cultures so strongly.

Common sense, facts and acceptance should be what we all strive for, but if this article is true, then yet again, just another stupid cultural taboo ruins it for everyone in India.

See, you have a choice, you can buy it or you don't. But here, a cultural taboo/tradition doesn't give anyone that choice in India.

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