I Can't Get Too Excited About Streets of Rage 4 Just Yet

Rich at GameSpew: It's happening. Streets of Rage 4 is actually a thing. But will Yuzo Koshiro return to do its soundtrack? I really do hope so.

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ZeekQuattro412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Considering how well the studio handled Wonder Boy I think they can handle a beat em up just fine. Clearly they have respect for old IP's.

FlyingFoxy412d ago

Wonder Boy is great, can't wait for Monster Boy either.

Can't wait to see how this turns out, all my old favourites coming back.

isarai411d ago

I was super excited to get monster boy till i found out it's not done by the same peple and instead made by a mobile game studio. once i learned that i took a closer look at the gameplay trailers and noticed it was really lame in regards to animation (cheap flash tweening for most movements) and kinds strays from the originals art direction. just lacked the soul wonder boy and its remake had

princejb134412d ago

my main concern is will this game age well with the current millenia. I honestly have no interest in this game since is not the type of game i would play nowadays. My brain has become accustomed to shooters and 3d adventure games

PaulFiend412d ago

Honestly, pixel art graphics (at least as an alternative mode) plus brand new OST by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima would be amazing. Not a big fan of these "flash"-like graphics. Otherwise I'll skip it. :(

Orbilator412d ago

Yuzo never did the audio on SOR 3 did he?

Einhander1971412d ago

Also prefer pixel art would of been nice to see it done that way. But still looking forward to playing. As long as they stay to true the the originals.

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