New XNA tech demo - The Unfinished Swan

VG247: Watch the rather intriguing tech demo whose premise that you need to navigate your way through an all-white maze by splattering black paint everywhere to reveal the obstacles that stand in your path.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3651d ago

Looks like XNA is not very impressive at all

outlawlife3650d ago

actually it is impressive, you're just to dense to comprehend

something like this being able to be done with a public tool set is quite impressive, not to mention the things in the xna community that make this look like child's play

P4KY B3651d ago

XNA looks like it will allow fringe concepts to flourish.

Xi3650d ago

I have the feeling that XNA is going to be an extremely important experiment with regards to game design and community interaction. I can't wait to see how things evolve. Games will start out slow and simple but as libraries of user created objects/engines/models/texture s begin to start up we'll see things become more and more advanced.

Mike Bowden3650d ago

A lot of people forget that XNA launches at the same time as NXE on November 19. If this vido is anything to go by, we could be in for a treat.