Broly And Gogeta Blue Coming To Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

New Datamined information from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 3 shows that Broly and Gogeta Blue are going to be the next batch of characters coming to the game.

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Petrovich1125d ago

It looks like more characters are yet to come in the game... :)

snowb4201125d ago

Remember when DBZ games had 120 characters including transformations? Fighting games and DLC have become a joke.

SegaGamer1125d ago

I agree with your point overall but at least this DBZ game is getting actual new content rather than stuff being held back at launch and released to us at a different date (like a certain other DBZ game) Compare the season pass for this game and FighterZ and you can see where the better deal is. For Xenoverse 2, they have been pumping out new content for nearly two years, new characters, missions, stages, skills, costumes, and accessories, all for £19.99. All FighterZ has in their season pass is 8 characters......that's it, 8 new characters which were obviously held back at launch to sell at a later date for £29,99. Ridiculous price.

snowb4201125d ago

Ha, read this shortly after I woke up and I Saw DBZ and DLC characters and assumed it was FighterZ.

Majin-vegeta1124d ago

That was my problem with fighter z.Pay to get base goku&vegetable when they could have been in from the beginning and made the others transformations.

Teflon021124d ago

Xenoverse 2 had alot of characters and alot of different versions of characters with different move sets. So I wouldn't complain about this. Also they've been adding alot of new characters that didn't exist in these forms etc at this games release. They've added alot of characters too this, some free too. Also alot of new content. I'm so far behind on content it's ridiculous because it's alot lol

quent1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Yep, we pay for pallet swaps now as dlc or get them as unlocks as the "sp experience" for grinding it out, nothing else to unlock anymore in games,do people even See yet how mtx and lootboxes has cheapened everything? ,"muh games are too expensive to make these days ", fnck off with that argument to whomever brings that up as an excuse btw

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kayoss1124d ago

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta will be so over powered.

FallenAngel19841124d ago

How do Gogeta’s and Vegito’s personalities differ

Eiyuuou1124d ago

Gogeta seems to be more serious compared to Vegito. At least in the movie, in GT not so much.

Teflon021124d ago

Gogeta acts more like goku, vegito acts cocky like vegeta