4 Times Kojima Totally Trolled Us With Marketing Stunts

When it comes to marketing, Hideo Kojima is a bit of a madman who would go to such lengths as to create a fake company to get people talking.

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Vandamme21206d ago

The phantom pain was big I don’t really pay his trolling much attention

Lighter9206d ago

I'm new to Metal Gear. I recently bought MGSV for $20 and that was the best thing I've spent $20 on in a long time.
I'm loving this game.

Eidolon205d ago

It's a dissapointment to long time fans, but it is actually a good game.

AK91205d ago

Agreed its the best controlling Hideo Kojima game (which is why it's my fav game of his) but its essentially a slap in the face to all fans of the original MGS games.

AK91205d ago

I'm surprised you didn't bring up the chicken hat, Kojima was teasing 'something big' for MGSV but all it turned out to be was Snake wearing a chicken hat.