The bright side of lazy developers

The vgtilt back at it with another dose of insight; this time over the growing trend of shoddy, half hearted, sloppy multiplatform games for the Ps3.

Interesting take on things.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5213d ago

Good article Silogon.I would nominate Bethesda as the most hypocritical multi-platform developers this gen.

Pennywise5213d ago

Bright side is they save me money.

Silogon5213d ago

Sony should stop letting these games onto their system, cause it only makes their system look inferior in the same light.

cellfluid5212d ago

U won't catch me buying any more crappy @ss multiplatform games only if it was built on a ps3 hardware im tired of these lazy @ss developers rippin us gamers off we r the ones who control the buck not them lets show them who's boss...