Know the foes of Marvel’s Spider-Man - The Kingpin

Wilson Fisk may be a legitimate businessman to the outside world, but those who know him best know that behind his philanthropic exterior there lies the most cunning criminal mind to ever exist.

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ElleGee2146d ago

Loved Vincent D'Onofrio as Fisk. hope he's cool in the game.


The Death Of Arkham Has Me Worried About Spider-Man

Saad from eXputer: "After the rise of Rocksteady and its fall with post-Suicide Squad, I'm worried about Marvel's Spider-Man suffering a similar fate."

Hofstaderman99d ago

Why? According to the well publicized Insomniac leaks they have a slew of plans for Spiderman including its sequel.

CrimsonWing6999d ago

The sequel has had rumors that it could be sold piecemeal style or might be GaaS.


This is all coming from the leaks you mentioned. The problem is the industry is not doing well no matter how ill-informed people spin it on here when they see “sold 3 mill.” In those Sony leaks it showed the struggle to get ROI and they spend an insane amount of money to develop, which makes 0 sense to me when there’s not much to show for the increased development costs. Case in point would be Suicide Squad vs Arkham Knight.

I believe we’re in the middle of seeing a drastic change in media and distribution. This goes for movies, but more so for games and the industry is scrambling to figure out how to get more money out of consumers rather than stick to the “buy it once” to play it all.



These are things you need to pay attention to in order to know which direction the wind’s blowing with this sh*t storm. I was almost certain the GaaS initiative was killed when Jim was leaving, but now seeing the success of Helldivers 2… I’m thinking we’re in for a bumpy ride. I just don’t know what that looks like yet, but I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty.

anast99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Insomniac still has a good generation left in them before they get cannibalized by investors. It'll probably happen around the mid PS6 gen, when we see the beginning of the fall.

dmonee99d ago

Huh with this article? If Sony and Insomniac want to abandoned the Spider-Man franchise and make a half baked, live service Spider-Man game, and miss the mark with their fans, then God bless’em!!!!

99d ago
JimmyDM9098d ago

Seems unlikely when they abandoned the GaaS spiderverse game but are still going ahead with single player games like Wolverine and Spider-Man 3.


10 Unforgettable Video Game Moments

"There’s little doubt to the fact that video games are the ultimate form of art; stirring together elements of cinema and music with interactivity to create experiences like no other."

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Ranking Every Spider-Man Game From Worst To Best

From the Amazing Spider-Man series to the most recent titles and DLCs, explore which Spider-Man game deserves to be ranked first and why.

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Sonic1881233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Ultimate Spider-Man use to be my favorite until Insomniac games took over.

Inverno233d ago

I'd still choose Ultimate above all other games, followed by Shattered Dimensions

Abnor_Mal233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

My favorite and still champion Spiderman PS2, followed by Marvels Spiderman2, then Miles Morales, followed by Marvels Spiderman, and finally Ultimate Spiderman.

I need to drag out my PS3 and try Web of Shadows, owned the game for years and years and never played.

Rimeskeem233d ago

Shout out to cultured vultures for NOT making this 40 separate pages.

Relientk77233d ago

Spider-Man (2000), Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions were all so good! I have fond memories playing them.