Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Impressions 4K

CG writes: CD Projekt Red surprised us all yesterday with their just released 48 minute Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo. So, we offer our thoughts on what could be the definitive cyberpunk themed game of our time. Check out the full 48 minutes in 4K.

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gangsta_red53d ago

Specifically came here to say those exact words

SixFragz52d ago

The piece of her boob you see from the side of her tank top.

Segata52d ago

How old are you to ask that question!?

medman52d ago

That was a joke folks. Lighten up douchebags. Yikes.

Segata52d ago

You can even see a little side nipple.

Ceaser985736152d ago

Female V looks hot but i will play as Male V because of the different Sex scene between the two gender :)

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Subzero100x52d ago

"Specifically came here to say those exact words"
stupid virgins.

mandingo52d ago

I think ur the virgin bud

2pacalypsenow52d ago

So only virgins enjoy a side boob?

jagermaster61952d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Says the guy who probably is a virgin. Peanut butter and your dogs mouth don't count buddy...🐕

annoyedgamer52d ago

That's actually something a virgin would say.

Xenial52d ago

Now boys, there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. In fact, it's a good thing, save for your wife. :)

annoyedgamer52d ago

I agree, Xenial. I wish I was able to save it, I would be in a better mental state now. But that's not a story for N4G comment boards.

Matpan52d ago

wow... talk about a sour person. Whatever happened to lighthearted comments on the internet, buddy.

TedCruzsTaint52d ago

This comment is so cancerous, Newt Gingrich left it for something younger.

CarlDechance52d ago is 9th grade all over again.

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Segata52d ago

Cyberpunk Sideboob. Yes.

starforge7152d ago

whats the point of customisation if its all in first person

Foxhound92252d ago

While I agree, I can at least say that I give credit to CDPR for staying true to their vision. I actually prefer 3rd person games but I can enjoy a good 1st person game too. They want to increase immersion and gunplay. Keep an open mind.

All of your customizations will show up in cinematics, at least. Who knows, maybe they'll allow us the option to switch to 3rd person.

yomfweeee52d ago

Gameplay may be first person, but if you watched the video you will be seeing your character often.

n4gamingm52d ago

I think there implementing a third person mode based on there answer to fans about there concern for fps. They pretty much said "we hear you".

Matrix652d ago

How much $$ do I need to put together a PC that'll run it as beautiful at that?

bunt-custardly52d ago

They said the game demo is on a PC that is the same as a 1080Ti.

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The story is too old to be commented.