Pocket Gamer: The X Factor 2008 Review

Considering so much of the real 'X factor' has very little to do with singing (personal tragedy, toning up at the gym and tabloid exposes by former one night stands all playing their part), it's perhaps fitting that the series' official mobile tie-in has exceedingly little to do with any player's vocal talents either. Rather aptly, Namco's game mirrors ITV's genuine contest in one key area: it's about trying to become famous by any means possible.

Courting the press, wearing the right clothes, meeting and greeting fans, sweetening your folks back home, even giving the answers when questioned you think will improve your public standing in key areas – they are all vital components in playing The X Factor 2008, just as (sadly) they are in 'the game' currently being played out by real contestants in the British press.

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