ZTGD Review - Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

ZeroTolerance writes:

"The outlandish activities commence with the story, which casts you as cute-as-buttons Cornet, a young peasant girl obsessed with a prince she has only met in her dreams. If this wasn't enough to send you off the deep end she also has the ability to talk to dolls…yes dolls. In fact her best friend in the game is Kururu, a puppet that will follow you along your journey. Cornet can also befriend other dolls in the game to add to your party. My guess is that the game was aimed at the female demographic in Japan, which in turn is the reason it will likely do much better on Nintendo's dominant portable."

+ Works great with DS controls
+ Colorful visuals
+ Extra content is worth price of admission

- A bit on the easy side
- Cut scenes run a bit long
- May be too cute for some

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