ZTGD Review - Blitz: The League II

ZeroTolerance writes:

"The biggest change to the series when it donned the subtitle "The League" was the inclusion of a story mode penned by Peter Egan of Playmakers fame. The sequel continues this trend with a more fleshed out campaign mode that offers a few nice innovations, but mostly sticks to the formula laid by its predecessor. This time around you are thrust into the shoes of up-and-coming player Franchise as you create your own team, give them a name and logo and prepare to take on the league one team at a time. One of the cooler features this year for player customization is a mock press conference where your answers to a series of questions will determine your play style and attributes. This makes a lot more sense than manipulating a set of sliders and really draws you into the character."

+ The tackles are visceral
+ Campaign mode feels more fleshed out
+ Frank Caliendo is hilarious

- Visuals lack "wow" factor
- Caliendo repeats far too often

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