110° Patch 3.0.3 Review have picked through the release notes for the upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 3.0.3, due to go live in the next couple of weeks.

See what exciting changes Blizzard have in store for World of Warcraft players this time around.

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kalos3647d ago

Needs more Kalos, but otherwise highly informative. Thank you.

AndyA3647d ago

Great news on the mounts, thanks for the link.

Maticus3647d ago

Yeah I think the majority of Druids, Lock and Palas will be grateful for that change :D

Jinxstar3647d ago

Hell no. I earned my Lock mount at 60 back in the day. I was proud and now it's a hand out is lame...

Leord3647d ago

I'm really thrilled by the new talents for Ret palas, tbh, even with the nerf.

ThisIsWaiting3647d ago

They need to get knocked back down to b!tch status.

emazzuca3647d ago

This is not a review,

These are Patch Notes.