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I_am_Batman418d ago

HOLY CRAP! Is this official? This is one of my favorite franchises of all time.

Geobros418d ago

Yes official with a trailer and screenshots. But, we don't know yet the consoles for that game. I hope soon.

I_am_Batman418d ago

Damn I'm pumped. I honestly was hoping of a SoR 4 in the same style as Sonic Mania (meaning graphics and gameplay stay mostly intact) but this doesn't look bad at all. Hope it turns out great. I've been waiting 20 years for this. Don't screw it up Lizardcube.

darthv72418d ago

Only 2 playable characters right now so I'm sure there will be others but hopefully not DLC related.

SmielmaN418d ago


bouzebbal417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

the soundtrack doesn't seem that good.
SoR1 music was on another level, that was one of this serie's strengths.
Loving to see this series still getting some love.

Cool with Axel and Blaze but please add Adam, he was my favorite and badass.

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Adnanilyas21418d ago

looks sooooo gooodd my childhood!!

SuperSonic91417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

The King of Beat 'Em Ups has returned.
Bare Knuckle aka Streets of Rage!

Its time to kick butt again!

mrmikew2018418d ago

This and final fight was my shit, back in the day!!!

Day one buy for me, hopefully it comes out this year.

sprinterboy418d ago

I have fond memories of double dragon (arcade/amiga) , renegade (spectrum) and vigilante (amiga) final fight aswell obviously.
Never came across a copy of vigilante to replay it, great game back in the day.

SierraGuy418d ago

Me too...but I was disappointed when I saw the cartoony tiny sprites. Nothing like the original.

DrumBeat418d ago

YES! They can make another Final Fight while they're at it too. Love this franchise. They were all excellent.

Outsider-G418d ago

It's going to be nice to reminisce on the good times playing this. Also, there was a game a while back on KickStarter that I wanted to come to consoles but it didn't so Streets of Rage 4 releasing is awesome news :).

Nu417d ago

Rival Turf anybody recall that gem?

Smitty2020417d ago

I smashed off streets of rage 1 on my Sega over the weekend am hyped for this please to disappoint

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-Foxtrot418d ago (Edited 418d ago )


Adam needs to be in this for the original line up and the soundtrack...well the soundtrack needs to be F****** SICK, like old school retro goodness like Streets of Rage 2

Yuzo Koshiro please

I_am_Batman418d ago

Hey Fox. I agree the soundtrack has to be sick. Out of curiosity seeing as you seem to be a Streets of Rage fan as well have you ever payed Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 from Bombergames? If not I definitely recommend it.

418d ago
I_am_Batman418d ago

@Solesquared: Same here but I've heard that bomberlink stopped working on games so I guess that it wouldn't have been possible to get him on this project.

DaReapa418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Fox, TOTALLY agree about the soundtrack. Aside from the great gameplay, the music is one thing the series is renowned for. If nothing else, they absolutely can not fall short on the quality of the soundtrack.

Hope this makes a Double Dragon Neon-like return rather than the ill-fated recently released Double Dragon 4.

MWH418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Adam must to be there, he is a main character. i wonder if Mr.X is behind the new turmoil on the streets.

And Yes, the musix has to be F**** Sick 😎👍🏻

I wish Yuzo comes back to compose, i can't believe he's 50 now! Man we're old, but you know what, we witnessed and experienced some of the best gaming moments in gaming history.. what else can a gamer wish for?

LonDonE417d ago

Agreed, I bloody miss old Sega, man Sega games always had lots of colour and awesome sound tracks

SegaGamer418d ago

I'm sure it will be great either way, but having Yuzo Koshiro would be amazing. He has composed the music for some of my favourite games.

DigitalRaptor418d ago

This is some damn amazing news. SEGA is killing it right in the nostalgia feels.

I second that Yuzo Koshiro goodness!

IcarusOne417d ago

Dude. I just found the SoR2 theme on Apple Music. All the mems!

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gangsta_red418d ago

It's from the same developers as Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, which I did not get and now I feel ashamed.

This is great news and I hope they and other including Sega continue this trend of bringing out classic sequels updated for this gen.

DaReapa418d ago

If Sega were to announce a continuation of the Golden Axe series, I would cry.

gangsta_red418d ago

That and Crazy Taxi! There needs to be updates for all the Sega classics.

MWH418d ago

I think this will eventually happen if this succeed.

MWH418d ago

What are you waiting for? Go get it now!

gangsta_red418d ago

Doing it now!

Or when I get home from work.

showtimefolks418d ago


Bro you got to get it no excuse