Game Vortex: The Princess Bride Review

Game Vortex writes: "Who is this, Hannah Montana? I guess I'm old, because the opening song for The Princess Bride game is sung by one of those sugary pop singers out there that I can't name (it turns out the group is called Clique Girlz, by the way.) You can probably see where this is going though. When your favorite 80's movie meets preteen pop culture, it tends to go downhill from there. Yes, I'm one of those people that cringed with disgust at the recent JC Penny commercial that attempted to be a mini Breakfast Club remake. Still, I'm trying to appreciate all this for what it is. I suppose they're trying to make this entertaining for younger kids. Excuse me while I grumble about how I was a kid when I watched the original movie, but I digress."

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