Japanese weekly hardware figures: PS3 sales hit an all time low

The latest Media Create data is in and it shows that the PS3 has sold a mere 4,800 units for week ending October 17. The 360 outsells it yet again, this time by 1,200 units whilst Wii, DS, PS2 and PSP show then both how it should be done.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3675d ago

The Japanese are aware of the LBP bundle and they are holding out.I congratulate them on their lucky purchase

Lanoire3675d ago

LBP will sell like mad.

Who the hell would buy a normal bundle when in 1 (or 2) week, a LBP bundle will come out.

theKiller3675d ago

but still ps3 executives in that country should be fired!!

they handled ps3 all year very poorly!!!

acedoh3675d ago

Don't they think there may be a reason sales are so low.... Hmmmm could people be waiting on a certain bundle. A Little Big Planet bundle. If the sales are like this a few weeks from now there will be a problem. Although I highly doubt that will be the case.

Emmo3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

6 weeks on the trot.

We'll see if you are right in 2 weeks time.

Even so, the 360 has outsold the PS3 even without any games released.


Just checked these are Famitsu numbers not media create, just thought you would like to know.

ultimolu3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Emmo, and the PSP outsold all consoles combined.

Anyway, these numbers were expected. Sony will hopefully do better in Japan but if not, then obviously someone needs to get their asses into gear.

Emmo3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Yep, I hope there are some good games to follow, I have 2 PSP's but the only game that I have bought in a while is BUZZ.



I hardly ever turn on my Wii although I suppose i'll have to give in and get Wii Fit sooner or later.

PSP get's load of use as a UMD player and a few games.

The wife loves her DS.

ultimolu3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Lol, two PSP's. Nice! :)

I'm planning on getting one and a Nintendo DS as well as a Wii. I haven't bought a handheld console since the Game Gear and GameBoy.

I am so far back. :/

edit: I hope the same thing doesn't happen when I get the Wii. xD
I actually want No More Heroees and a few other games though.

Yep, the DS is popular.

Sarcasm3675d ago

156,000 PSPs? Wha...

Now let's turn this how the 360 vs ps3 war goes.

The PSP cant mess up it's lead over the DS. Regardless that the DS is something millions ahead in install base.

Just like how the 360 is murdering the PS3 despite the 1 million lead it has.

gaffyh3675d ago

OMG @ the PSP numbers, wtf happened there? Was there a new game out, or is this the introduction of the PSP-3000?

Bnet3433675d ago

If Xbox 360 is dead in Japan, then what makes the PS3 if it's getting outsold by it, a zombie? >:3

kewlkat0073675d ago

It's sorta like Elvis, he continues to sell beyond the Grave.

cliffbo3675d ago

that is exactly right. it's laughable that people keep saying Sony needs to do something as if they can snap their fingers and devs will whip up an RPG... Sony will be happy with the PSP that's for sure

eagle213675d ago

Lets see, powerful Sony..

PSP: 156,000
Ps2: 7,800
PS3: 4,800

Wii: 25,000
DS: 34,000

360: 6,000 rounding

As you can see in overall marketshare microsoft sucks. In North America Microsoft has the worst overall marketshare every month. Not next gen marketshare, OVERALL. And in Europe the same thing. Why? Because they sell only one piece of hardware with hardly enough sales to hurt SEGA. LMAO.

360 = SEGA

PimpDaddy3675d ago

Spin those numbers all you want. Japanese aren't waiting for crap. The PS3 just isn't popular in Japan. Deal with it.

Bottom line is the 360 has been outselling the PS3 for 6 weeks straight worldwide now. Even in Japan of all places. Who would have thought?

Wheres all the Sony fanboys now? You guys were jumping up and down earlier in the year claiming the 360 is dead. Yet it's still here, still selling hardware, still releasing new games.

Oh BTW thanks for taking 2 bubbles in 2 weeks. I still got 4 left. I'll be here all week :p

eagle213675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Everyone knows I have one account on N4g. I have been on N4g since last September. Eagle21. Anyone that has more than 1 account on N4g should be banned. This is my third avatar picture change. I might go back to my first so you can remember. So I hope that clears that up. What I said is the truth. Let's talk overall marketshare in any region and microsoft fanboys run and hide. Simple as that. Microsoft has 13% overall marketshare in America. Sony has 38% and Nintendo around 51% in America. Let's not even go there in Europe or Japan. Deal with that buddy.

The bottom line is 360 is in last place by millions in japan. Deal with that. They got their asses outsold quick by both Sony and Nintendo after a 1 year lead. Japan doesn't want 360. Had Square released those medocre RPG's on PS3 instead, Microsoft would be back to selling the 200-1100 they used to sell. Deal with that. Are you the same pimpdaddy who had "look at my bicep" muscle shot avatar a year ago? You sure sound like it. I remember you. I used to have 8 bubbles that were stolen by who knows. You don't hear me crying about it.

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JD_Shadow3675d ago

Well, then take a report for that being offensive.

cmrbe3675d ago

esp for the PS3 but i think it has more to do with the current world eccono crisis than game release.People have more important things to worry about that buying consoles. Right now. The x360 is the cheapest and have more JRPG than the PS3.

@Kingmal. The PS3 will be the eventual winner not just in Japan. We all know this. X360 on the otherhand we knew never really had a chance this gen especially in Japan. Perhaps next gen. Its the reason why most PS fans like myself always considered the x360 to be dead in Japan and not just the usual numbers it was putting out before.

eagle213675d ago

What's the use in even arguing with a brokedown fake pimp?

Can you please provide some facts or data to dispute the fact 360 is bleeding in Japan? 360 has so much "catching up" to do in Japan it's ridiculous. The 80GB PS3 will be out soon enough. This article fails because it never explained how it came to this conclusion about PS3. No facts or data to explain why or how.

The lowest 360 went was 180 units in one whole week. I think that's the all-time record low. LMAO

Wasn't your screenname different? The letters or something? I think you might be the one with multiple accounts.

Death3675d ago

While it is very clear that the 360's numbers in Japan are low, the PS3 only has a million and change more. Last gen the Playstation 2 held over 75% of the market worldwide. So far this gen Sony has lost much of the market they held. I'm fairly certain just about anyone can commend and has respect for what Sony has done with the Playstation brand. It is more than obvious that Sony isn't going away anytime soon since they are still selling plenty of PS2's and PSP's, but the Playstation 3 isn't selling as well as Sony would like. With a new game release it isn't horribly uncommon for the 360 to pull ahead for a week, but 6 weeks in a row outselling the PS3 isn't a good sign for Sony in their home territory.


deeznuts3675d ago

Could it be japan doesn't have any damn stock? If they're releasing a new console is it conceivable that there just isn't any to buy? We don't hear about it because Sony doesn't go on the media circuit claiming "Shortage!"

Mini Mario3675d ago

"Don't they think there may be a reason sales are so low.... Hmmmm could people be waiting on a certain bundle. A Little Big Planet bundle. If the sales are like this a few weeks from now there will be a problem. Although I highly doubt that will be the case."

Yeh thats the reason, lol. No doubt it will be a good game i believe u on that part. But to say the ps3 sales are low is because ppl are waiting 4 a bundle>? No doubt it will spike sales....for a week.

Dont forget ppl said the same about mgs4 and gta4.

Mini Mario3675d ago

"I'm planning on getting one and a Nintendo DS as well as a Wii. I haven't bought a handheld console since the Game Gear and GameBoy."

Ahh they were the days...The game gear being 4 times more powerful than the gameboy, everybody thought it would trounce the outdated graphics of the gameboy.

Boy how they were wrong. Goes to show more grpahics doesnt always mean better (plus it took 8 batteries that lasted 2 hrs...that couldve been the problem too...but hey it had better graphics!)

AAACE53675d ago

Ps3 sales will pick up when LBP releases! No need for anyone to think anything different. Ps3 sales could hit 400,000 - 500,000 considering all the great reviews it's getting.

You never know... you might have existing owners trade their Ps3's in for the bundle just to have the game, a bigger HDD, and the Dual shock 3! So the sales could be even higher.

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Captain_Sony3675d ago

Let the spin begin.. Every Sony fan will be here soon to make some really lame attempt to explain away what the rest of us already know. No price cuts, nothing fantastic to play, and few JRPG's. Not hard to see why they are declining when they are doing so little for their consumers over there...

Armyless3675d ago

You'll conviently disappear when LBP is released and the subsequent articles come out saying "Largest increase in sales in PS3 history"

I think you have the "lame attempt" covered nicely.

Gam713675d ago

And another "just wait" comment

iHEARTboobs3675d ago

Last I checked both were doing pretty horrible there. So you're basically bragging because the 360 is doing a tinge better than sony? I agree with Armyless that LBP will increase in sales and I also think WKC will do the same.

iHEARTboobs3675d ago

Yeah, just like MS had to wait for their spike.

Gam713675d ago

So if lbp and wk cause sales to rise can 360 owners say "it's only because a Jrpg was released "need big game to get higher sales than the 360" etc all the type of comments we've been hearing for 2 months.

*2 months going back to the first time 360 beat ps3 before this 5 week run.

iHEARTboobs3675d ago

You could say whatever you want GAM71. The Wii has been king in Japan all year followed way behind by both the PS3 and 360. PS3 has topped the 360 for probably more than %75 of the year I would say. So when people say just wait for "X Game" to come out they are assuming sales will go back to normal for the PS3 and 360. People are also banking on LBP and WKC to do well in Japan and therefore increasing sales of software and hardware.

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Lucreto3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

360 is doing well. The 360 has been beating the PS3 for 18% of the year so far in Japan.

But why are the PS3 sales so low?

It must be people waiting for the LBP pack next Friday in Japan.

If it is not that the RPG boom is still going on.

Emmo3675d ago

LBP is going to sell some consoles, but I do not think it will be as big as people think. We'll have to wait and see.

My guess is that GTAIV will sell almost as many in the first week.

WKC is the next really massive PS3 game. That will shift loads of consoles, but that is not till 25th Dec.

Captain_Sony3675d ago

Since you already know the future with your crystal ball, can you tell me when Sony gets out of last place? You already know games that arent even out yet are good so you must be from the futur to know this.. Dont get me wrong WKS is the ONE game for PS3 I wanted since launch, I am not just going to assume its great though,thats what fanboys do. After Lair,Haze and a couple of others that people like you hyped as great I have decided to wait until its actually out.. Sadly if it does get one bad review I can see you guys coming up with hundreds of excuses as to why other than the game has flaws.

ultimolu3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Captain Sony, you know why Sony is in 3rd place? It was because of their arrogance and the fact that people were so damn impatient when it came to delays that they just gave up on the system.

You're acting as if the PS3 will never succeed and it's going to stay in 3rd place for eternity or something.

Um...okay, sure.

I think the only reason why the 360 outsold the PS3 is because of the fact that there's still a lingering effect with Infinite Undiscovery and other rpgs that came out as well as the pricecut. Time will tell whether LBP moves consoles or not over there.

You're also neglecting the fact that both systems are doing badly overall, when comparing them to the Wii. the DS, the PS2, and the PSP.

Emmo: Yeah, the price is an issue but hopefully people would look pass the price point. I think that's what Sony's betting on-that people would see the value of a PS3. Hopefully that strategy works out for them.

Emmo3675d ago

@ Captain Sony

I think I said my guess, although thinking about it my crystal ball just gave me this weeks lottery numbers.


I agree, Sony thought with their track record in Japan would stand them in good stead, so concentrated on making western style games.
I am sure they will do something to change this in the next year, but they still have the cost problem in the current economic crisis.

Captain_Sony3675d ago

"WKC is the next really massive PS3 game. That will shift loads of consoles, but that is not till 25th Dec. " Funny how I do not see a single " I guess" in that statement which is what I was refering to.. You already know its a huge success so how come you dont know everything else from the future? Yeah you dont so stop trying. That was my point. If you want to respond do so on what is actually said, not how you want to spin it.
@ultimou, I know why and I stated why they are in 3rd.. Whats your point? I didnt say they would stay there forever. Just that they are there now. Sorry you couldnt handle the truth but thats not my fault. Your entire post was a waste of time because it had nothing to do with my post. I am also not forgetting that 360 is having just as hard of a time. Thats part of the problem in itself... We have a really good console in its home town being bested by an American console that has faulty hardware.. You dont see any problems with that? You dont think its odd that many people are now using MS as a defense for Sony when anyone with half a brain knew day 1 that MS would NEVER do well in Japan, yet you pull them up to try to excuse Sony's poor PS3 sales like you have some kind of valid point. We all know Sony is leagues ahead of MS in almost every single way.. MS was expected to do poorly Sony was not. So thats not a valid argument at all. I love though how I state a simple fact thaty Sony is in 3rd and you try to spin that into me saying something else. I never said they were stuck in 3rd. Try to post on whats actually being said not what you want to be said. Take every sentence for what it says and stop adding hidden meanings that are not there.

Tarasque3675d ago

I like how people think LBP is going to be a savior, it is going to sell 3 trillion consoles blah blah blah. Now i understand alot of people thought the beta was awesome, but i know alot of people didn't think it was all that. I am sure you will see a small increase in PS3 sale's. But it will not be like people think...

ultimolu3675d ago

Perhaps you should read what I said. I said you're "acting" as if they're going to stay in 3rd place forever.

My point is that 360 sales are nothing to brag about, especially when Nintendo is king in Japan at the moment.

That's all.

Not going through that wall of text.

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sinncross3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Truth of the matter is that with the new bundles coming out, and the excitement around them, coupled with the PS3's large price, capital problems around the world, and no games before these bundle... it shudn't surprise anyone that the PS3 is selling badly.

it's no rocket science...

but wow at the PSP... it outsold everything else combined... by around double.