Atari deserves to ride off into the sunset, not continue to produce consoles

Atari has been a respected name for almost 40 years. It has an amazing history, it built then destroyed an industry. It is time to let it go.

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FallenAngel198452d ago

“Atari has been a respected name for almost 40 years.“

Now that’s a stretch. People lost a lot of respect for Atari after they contributed to nearly killing the home console market in North America. Consumers really didn’t keep them in high regard when they released their later consoles after 1983, which are mere footnotes in the grand scheme of things seeing they all flops.

As a third party publisher Atari fell into further decline with its various mergers, restructuring, & bankruptcy. SNK & Sega are previous hardware manufacturers that became third party publishers that garner far more respect than Atari could ever hope to achieve.

ChronoJoe51d ago

Not to mention the Driv3rgate scandal where they tried to manipulate the games media into giving high scores for their crappy game. That was literally the last thing we saw from Atari before they filled for bankruptcy.

PhoenixUp52d ago

“Even the Nintendo Switch has sold 13 million consoles at last count.“

The author clearly can’t be bothered to do a simple internet search for up to date information.