8 Worst Guitar Hero Songs Ever

OXM UK lists the eight worst songs in the Guitar Hero series to date, explaining the reasons why each one is included.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3742d ago

I disagree with 4,5,6,and 7.I would instead add that Megasus song,"Red Lottery".Followed by the cover of Danzig's "Mother"

PS360PCROCKS3742d ago

rage and beastie boys? HARDLY!

Jonty3742d ago

Tom Morello is really, really dire. As are the whole idea of those battles in the first place.

Not sure about Anarchy in the UK - it's a pretty terrible cover, but I'd rather that than nothing at all. Leaving out The Sex Pistols would be a travesty.

eagles19903742d ago

RATM? Tom Morello? horrible? Apparently they never played Slipknot's song "before I forget".

This site is now on my block list. Tom Morello is GOD.