Uncharted 5 Is a Chance for Naughty Dog to Start Afresh

Though it's still a ways away, Uncharted 5 is a chance for Naughty Dog to start afresh... in a world without Nathan Drake.

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porkChop150d ago

Why do we even need another Uncharted? The series is fantastic and I really enjoyed playing through each game, but it's not the kind of series that needs to go on forever.

I could understand if they want to do some sort of spinoff, but a mainline game like Uncharted 5 isn't really necessary.

ArchangelMike149d ago

I agree. I think it would be a great opportunity for ND to launch another new IP. They could still set it in the uncharted universe if they really wanted, but I think after Uncharted 4, they should be allowed to give the treasure hunting a rest.

TheKingKratos149d ago

I want a space game after The last of us part 2

KickSpinFilter149d ago

Word, but not campy. A serious game like TLOU and the first Alien movie. But ND take.

OmnislashVer36149d ago


Or Or OR! Disney cuts their contract with EA and we get a Naughty Dog Star Wars game with Amy Hennig?!

I can dream, right

Brazz149d ago

I don't think they need to drop uncharted, but sure as hell they need a smothing new in the series.

Perhaps if they create an Uncharted at the time of worldwar II, whit new protagonist, some nazis like villains and elderich monsters from lovecraft. Or perhaps they can create an enterily new face to uncharted, and focus on the era of the great navegations, whit marcopolo, colombo etc.
Uncharted is too popular to just die, sure give it 5 years rest, but i want to play a new uncharted game.

dumahim149d ago

His name can be Indiana Jones!

ILostMyMind149d ago

No game is really necessary, it is an entertainment. Play it if you want and don't play it if you don't want to. Some people would play Uncharted 15 if there is one someday.

locomorales149d ago

Because we could write an article complaining that studios only do sequels.

yomfweeee149d ago

Nothing is needed. But if people enjoy it and buy it and you can come up with a great idea... why wouldn't you?

Ceaser9857361149d ago

Sony did open up a new first party studio in San Diego which is under Naughty dog. So wondering what they are making..

SharpCT149d ago

Give us a open world Jak 4

AdonisIsBeast149d ago

They are such a talented developer, among the best, I really hope they begin to dabble with RPG. Give CD Project and Techland a run for their money

rainslacker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I think that it would need to be a spin off of sorts. As long as a UC game, with the same level of story and game design, but it's own thing. Subtitled, or rebooted with a new main character. If it was a direct sequel, then people would not be as open to it because Drake was too likable and people would want that from an UC game.

T2X149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Actually, I read a bunch of Indiana Jones books back in the day,, and I think Uncharted could be like that. I love that stuff. Ehh. I'm sure they'll make another. If it's his daughter, with a little help from dad that would be awesome too.

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rivaldoo777149d ago

Go for a new IP but if new Uncharted is coming, damn I'm down!!

Neonridr149d ago

Can't we just do a new IP instead? I trust ND completely, but now would be the chance for them to explore something new.

rainslacker149d ago

I think I'd prefer a new IP. Something where they can try something different. I'd like to see them take on something Sci-Fi. There aren't enough good sci-fi games that don't involve space marines of some sort.

PhoenixUp149d ago

Naughty Dog might as well make a new IP at that point

Blu3_Berry149d ago

This may sound weird, but I don't want another Uncharted personally. I dunno why, I just feel like I had my filling with the series and I'm happy with what we got. If anything I want an RPG from Naughty Dog.