The Ripper: The disturbing Visceral Games project that never was

About 10 years ago, Electronic Arts developed and then canceled a game about Jack the Ripper. This is its story.

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Fist4achin145d ago

Would have been interesting. I can see multiple games to come out from the ideas they posed for the ripper game. It's EA though, so they probably won't act on them at all.

Skull521145d ago

I only knew about his murders, I didn't realize he was actually a vampire hunter.

Fist4achin145d ago

Pioneer of the times. Diversified portfolio!

strayanalog145d ago

Great read, and a cool idea. Sucks that we lost an interesting opportunity. Thanks EA. Keep on retaining that "Worst Company" title. I understand you don't win at much, so that may be your reason for the things you do.

SolidGear3145d ago

I remember when this was announced. Too bad it never happened.

thatguyhayat145d ago

Aaah would have loved this game