The Present and the Future of Xbox: Interview with Aaron Greenberg

What position is Microsoft at the moment and how will you tackle the next challenges in the video game industry? These are the main themes of the chat with Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for the Redmond company video games division, at Gamescom 2018.

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Darknova2077418d ago

Just come out with Microsoft. You want gaas, plus you want an always online model. You are just playing lip service right now to try and get as many people back on board with you so you can try again with your always online and gaas model

Dragonscale418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Nice someone gets it. Greenburg is the last person I'd listen to tbh, Its just the usual fud.

418d ago
CBaoth418d ago

Were these dumbass questions from an actual journalist at IGN or a lip service spoonfed to Greenburg from their PR department?

"With the Xbox Game Pass you have created a new standard for the video game industry, a service that comes close to Netflix's standards."

Umm what? The only standard they currently share with Netflix is the pricing model. Just like the executives at Netflix discovered you need a constant flow of original content to KEEP customers subscribed. Getting them to sign up is only half the equation. I see the potential of Game Pass, I've tried it, I like it. But it won't become a true Netflix until the next gen when their newest acquisitions provide said original content. It won't be a "game changer" in the industry until MS combines it with Gold.

They bring up Greenburg tweeting RDR2 will run in true 4K. He reminds us RDR1, a last gen game, is native 4K as validation. "Every component of the Xbox 1X was designed to reach 4k." So instead of needling him further they let him out the backdoor by declaring it's up to the devs. He goes onto spew the generic tagline "every 3rd party game will be better on X1X". By using his own logic, I'd love to gauge his response reminding him the base X being the worst version then.

There's so many better topics to elaborate on rather than ending every question with PR rhetoric

418d ago