Game Focus: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

Game Focus writes: When BioWare and Sega announced they were teaming up to work on a Sonic Role Playing Game, I can honestly say I was very excited. Being a huge BioWare fan for many years, I knew this was a great match up with a lot of possibility. Finally the game was released and while it was not exactly like I expected it, the game is more Japanese or turn based in its roots then I would have hoped the actual gameplay is solid with some great innovations and that BioWare story we have known for years."


+ Very good graphics
+ Audio is good
+ Some classic and some great new gameplay features
+ Decent length
+ BioWare Story telling is right there


- Game is hard
- Stylus control is a bit hard to keep using all of the time, regular controls would have been nice to switch off on.

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