Xbox 360 Piracy Continues with Fable 2, Gears 2

A sudden boom in leaked console titles has put a new spin on the issue of game piracy.

Since the news of Fallout 3's leak for the Xbox 360, several other high profile titles found their way to the Internet torrent sites. The highly anticipated Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 products were both leaked last week to the Xbox 360 piracy community in the past week, however we were in for a surprise twist. It was just this week that one of the more vocal critics of PC game piracy lately, Epic Games, have had their console exclusive Gears of War 2 product leak for the Xbox 360 platform several weeks prior to release day.

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Pennywise3700d ago

Piracy sucks. Devs deserve to make their full return on games.

These guys should probably think about designing games for a secure platform. hmmm

Marcello3700d ago

Yea a secure platform that hasnt been hacked and where the media & burners are too expensive to burn for a game, hhmm yes i wonder can it be done :)

I am sure the Devs will figure it out.....eventaully

Lanoire3700d ago

Welcome to the damn reality EPIC. Hahaha, you thought PC piracy was bad, welcome to the 360: the inferior PC wanna be.

Hahaha. All developers who support the 3rd60 will face this issue from now on: LEAKED income.

OWNED biatches.

Keele3700d ago

That post sucked penis man, gtfo.

Capt CHAOS3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

How easy is it for me to take one of these games, cut a DVD and run it unrestricted? Not all that easy is the answer.

strotee3700d ago

You obviously have never perused a torrent site and seen the thousands of people who have downloaded 360 games.

I have a feeling piracy will shorten the 360's life by 6-12 months. It was a catch 22, use hardware that's been around for a few years (DVD-9) thus reducing overhead costs; at the same time, know once the firmware was hacked every Tom, D!ck, and Harry would be able to play a game from a DVD-R that costs mere pennies.

titntin3700d ago

Its actually remarkably easy to hack a 360 for many. I hacked my DVD firmware to create and play my own custom guitar hero songs, but the availablillity of such sought after titles so early, is a temptation too hard to resist.
Its like taking a peek at your christmas presents too early when you are a kid. You know you shouldn't, but the temptation is overwhelming.

I may be 45 hours into Fallout 3, but I WILL buy a copy when I can get a retail version. I'd bet 99.9% of people downloading it won't though....and that's a real shame, as good games deserve to earn money for the devs.

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

Like titntin said, it's actually rather easy, a few hours with google/forums can teach you all you need to know (perhaps not to titntins level).

Not sure why there seems to be a growing interest in console torrents though, it's been like this for a long time, Gears/Fable weren't the first high profile games to get leaked and they wont be the last.

morganfell3700d ago

Well tintin, did you download this from a torrent site? And while downloading torrent clients also upload? Otherwise you are normally cut off from downloading. That means you were assisting others in the theft. Others who won't purchase the game.

Now we will probably hear that you only downloaded and blocked the upload - that rarely happens except with people that are members of groups like Loder. You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution.

Notice I didn't say what you did was wrong...or right.

Capt CHAOS3700d ago

Do you have to open it?

I just checked the web but they don't make it clear unless I sit and watch the videos.

kevnb3700d ago

at the same time, it was super easy to mod a ps2. The ps2 still did ok.

Bnet3433700d ago

So in other words, since there is no piracy on PS3, Xbox 360 has a handicap when going for the top 10 in software sales, yet they manage to land there anyway. Xbox 360 is strong even with this piracy.

hay3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Torrents exist for years and it's a problem since 2001/2002. Xbox isn't the only console affected by it and hacking x360 is extremely easy. Piracy improves console sales, but hurts software.

You can download without uploading, it requires little knowledge to do that but some pages actually prevent you from downloading if you're not uploading yourself. But you can do pretty well without them. Torrents are widely available to download without any effort.

titntin3700d ago


Actually I don't bother with torrents.
You can get all these releases with direct download links from sites like rapidshare and megashares. 2.5 hours to download (if you have a premium account), 40 minutes to burn. The advantage is that you download at full bandwidth speeds, and don't upload or share with anyone at all, so your not spreading it.

I'm not saying any of this is a good thing, or encouraging anyone else to do it, but pretending that this is somehow restricted to a very small number of people is just not correct.I know of many many sites with hundreds of thousands of members downloading these titles in addition to the people grabbing from torrents and news groups.

The issue is getting bigger rather than smaller, and MS need to fix it.

morganfell3700d ago

So you aren't sharing a file but your actions do promote piracy, correct? As I said I am not pointing fingers just looking at the situation very closely and hoping others will too.

Diamondwolf3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

There's always some bum *cough* Kigmal *cough* trying to start a flame war

--------------> That way please

What's helping promote piracy is big news sites RSSing news like this, bringing it to attention to tons of people who may or may not even know about it.

Stuff like this usually remains underground through hacking circles, but the more and more people are aware that it exists, the more of a chance that it'll get to those people who don't care to pay for the software.

I for one know tons of people with X360s who don't even know that you can play burned games on it, so they continue to buy their games like it should be. And I'm not going to be the one to tell them because I know they won't support the devs

LoVeRSaMa3700d ago


PS3 has not been hacked because of "Lack of demmand" Xbox was hacked within its first year, PS3 is doing better then the xbox in its time frame, so thats your Logic.

A REASONABLE reason would be the fact that it gets frequent firmware updates moe often then the PSP, and is always connected to PSN ( a service thats likely to check if your running the correct firmware )

Also Cell has 1 SPU dedicated to security, the Cell's architecture isnt the easyest thing on the market also, if Developers cannot even make games for it properly yet.

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jaffa_cake3700d ago

where see alot more of this, people wanna play and with so many great games, resort to this.

Hellsvacancy3700d ago

I recently downloaded sum music from a band called The National from a torrent site and it was utter fantastic and i was left feelin a bit guilty because the band deserve every penny they can make so i went on 2 Amazon and bought all there albums the same goes to a band called Mogwai

I dont own a 360 and if i did i dont think i would wanna void the warrenty gettin it chipped because its bound to break eventually

Fishy Fingers3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It doesn't require chipping, it can be done through software (dependent on a few factors). Basically, every XEX file has a 'mediaflag' which tells the 360 what form of media it is booting (CD-R, DVD-R etc), using a hacked firmware you can "break" the detection of that mediaflag.

Usually the 360 will only allow 'dvdxbox360', but using the firmware you can trick the DVD drive into reporting a DVD-R (or other) as a DVDXBOX360.

No hardware modification required.

titntin3700d ago

Yes mate, I'm the same with my music - if I downlaod MP3's and enjoy the music, I always buy the CD. I'm a quality whore anyway, so I would always want the full original recording, but I also want to support the bands.

I try and do the same with my games too. I won't pretend I haven't grabbed a game, been dissapointed with it, and not bought the release, because it has happened. But I've always bought a copy of game I've played a lot. I've finished games on a burnt disc and still bought a legit version. But most people will not...

Kevin McCallister3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I'm the exact same way as you Titntin. Anytime I get the chance to play a game early that I've been anticipating I usually take that chance (especially a month early with FFXII), but I always go out and purchase the retail game when it releases. Can't brag about a game collection when it's all burned discs... Some of my friends think it's weird, but I think the devs deserve their money. I had completed Crisis Core and a few other titles before release, but the retail still sits on my shelf.

user8586213700d ago

nice!!! better den spendin money on em :P

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