Overlooked gems for modern consoles - Top 10 Underrated Games I've Reviewed (Year 4)

"I began Video Chums four years ago today so here is this year's underrated games list. Out of the 234 games that I reviewed over the past year alone, here are the top ten that I feel don't get enough credit." - A.J.

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C-H-E-F1678d ago

Thanks for not making 10 different pages, A Way Out was definitely a surprise, my friend and I was playing through it and at the end we were literally going for the characters that we were playing as. Haha so it made that ending scene so much more better and gratifying when I won haha.

VideoChums1678d ago

Haha, no prob! We avoid annoyances like multi-page articles so I'm glad you appreciate it.

A Way Out is phenomenal. A must-have for co-op fans. :D

Leeroyw1678d ago

Come on chef. I'm up to half way through that game..... no spoilers brother .

C-H-E-F1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I didn't spoil anything, I just made it even more exciting for those who haven't finished to turn it on and play with someone they know haha. It's so much better when you're playing with someone you know and even better when you both are in the same room haha.

letsa_go1678d ago

Because of your comment, I clicked through to the article and turned off adblock. We need more sites that respect us like this! Money Puzzle Exchanger is a pretty fun game, I agree!! I want to check out Railway Empire now.

VideoChums1678d ago

Thanks, letsa_go! That means a lot. :D

Railway Empire is great fun and works surprisingly well on console. It's always great to see developers port games from PC in an effective way.

thepatientgamer1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

is culdcept worth the price of admission? also is the limited edition worth spending the extra cash on?

and just a background on my preferences: i love card games (think hearthstone, yugioh, pokemon, etc), and board games (think parcheesi, monopoly). From what i've read this is a match made in heaven, but opinions would be much appreciated

VideoChums1678d ago

I'd say definitely check it out! Not sure what's in the limited edition but the game itself is for sure worth it.

InKnight7s1678d ago

Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2.

But to be honest since last gen there isn't a very underrated games as much as Vanquish and Falkore since last gen.

VideoChums1678d ago

Do you mean Folklore? If so, we included that in our "Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives That Deserve Sequels" list earlier this year:

Great game! :D