Dying is ok, just don’t waste my time – my ongoing issue with Dark Souls

I have no issue with difficult games, but wasting my time is unforgiveable. Why I love 'Souls' type games but never finish them.

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ziggurcat151d ago

basically, it's "wasting his time" because he isn't good enough...

PoopsMcGee151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

The proper comment here is:

Git Gud.

Blu3_Berry149d ago

Wasting time is not a thing in Dark Souls. It's telling you to git gud. Learn the enemies and don't make mistakes. Wasting time is entirely optional like grinding. You're never forced to waste time.

RabbitFly149d ago

I was ready to have the same reaction. However he has a bit of a point.

While I find it hard that his issue is not that it is too hard, because he did not finish them. That seems like a big problem. If he had managed to get through it I would be more likely to understand his position.

But he does have a point in that all of these games. All the way from Demon's Souls to Bloodborne have at least one or two boss encounters that put an awful lot of rudimentary content between you and the boss everytime you fail.

Now it's not even standard practice for the games, as most boss encounters are either close to a shortcut or a respawn spot. However all of these at least features one or two of these extremely counter intuitive boss fight set ups.

Which is probably the better argument for it's criticism. From Software themselves are constantly trying to address this issue, but they always seem to fail at some point. Why is that and is that good design?

capjacksparrow149d ago

I'd say I die less, on average, than most gamers in these type of games. That being said, they just don't do it for me. I finished Demon's Souls, but I didn't finish BloodBorne. Gameplay-wise, the games are tight, well balanced. The difficulty is high, but you just have to learn from your mistakes. That being said, if a game has a high difficulty, for me, it has to have a good story to make me want to keep playing. I'm not into the sparse, figure it out yourself, story method that SoulsBorne games provide. If Sekiro changes that, I'll be on board for sure. They said that game is even more difficult!

PurpHerbison149d ago

The Souls games, especially Bloodborne have some of the best stories/lore out of every single video game out there. Just like you hunt monsters, you also hunt lore and it is equally as satisfying. This is why a lot of people don't understand why Bloodborne 2 has no place, they never hunted lore and if they did they would realize the game is finished.

capjacksparrow149d ago

I understand that, I know it has deep lore, but I don't really like reading when I play games. I spend an hour or two reading per day, I don't want it in my games as much.

Nacho_Z149d ago

There's nearly always a way to speedrun from the save point to the boss so I don't see that as an issue, it would be if you were forced to fight your way through and face the boss with half your health gone.

I don't much like farming blood vials in BB I think it's one of the game's few flaws but on the other hand you will probably level up in the process and make the boss a little easier every time.

It's worth doing to feel the satisfaction of finally beating the boss and ultimately the game even if it does eat up more time than you'd like.

I_am_Batman149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Interessting. I'm currently on my 3rd playthrough in God of War and I was wondering why I'm not enjoying the elements it shares with the Souls games as much in God of War. I finally realised that besides God of War being easier in general it is because it doesn't punish you for death at all.

In the Soulsborne games discovering a shortcut feels awesome because in case you die you are rewarded with a quicker path to your failing point. This feature alone makes me appreciate the level design in the Soulsborne games more than in most other games in existance. God of War has some great level design as well and it has those shortcuts but you rarely get the same satisfaction out of them because if you die in GoW you get to retry the same fight with full life again making it easier the second time around without the requirement of learning from your mistakes you did the first time around.

So I strongly disagree with the author on this point as it is one of the key game-design elements that make the soulsborne games so rewarding.

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