TimeSplitters creator interview: GoldenEye, Future Perfect, and the Koch Media acquisition

David Doak, the founder of Free Radical Design, talks about his team's work on Goldeneye, the TimeSplitter series and recent purchase, and how EA trammeled TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1030d ago

The Golden-Esque shooters are sub-type of shooter that I hope gets revived. Timesplitters Future Perfect and Perfect Dark Zero where casual shooters done right, easy to pick up and play but no skill gap compression in the MP.


I just spent quite a bit of time tracking down in a copy of TimeSplitters 2 for my GameCube. I have to say me and my nine-year-old son had a lot of fun with that game even in this day in age

AK911028d ago (Edited 1028d ago )

I know the dev team (Dambuster Studios) that was supposed to make Timesplitters 4 is owned by Koch Media/Deep Silver but isn’t the Timesplitters IP owned by THQ Nordic?

CBaoth1028d ago

looks like THQ Nordic bought Koch Media this past February for 121 million EUR. They remain independent subsidiaries but obviously they're all under the same umbrella now. Which is good since it's been a long time since the last TS and there's a wealth of source material to parody