Bethesda says its games on Switch have been "hugely popular"

Bethesda has published a number of different games on Switch thus far, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein II, and Fallout Shelter. The company isn’t stopping there having recently confirmed that Doom Eternal will be on the console. This time around, the Switch version will drop alongside other platforms.

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OhReginald151d ago

I bought them all and they ended up being my favorite versions. Hope they can port Fallout 4 over...can't wait for doom eternal.

michellelynn0976151d ago

Fallout 4 would be epic for the Switch.

The 10th Rider151d ago

Most third party developers have had nothing but good things to say about the sales of switch versions of their games. Much different than the Wii U days.

Sgt_Slaughter151d ago

If the Wii U had been more like the Switch in terms of power and portability, things would have been so much better. Also not calling it a name with Wii in it.

Nebaku151d ago

Eh, the supposed Wii name confusion thing was just something Nintendo's marketing division conjured up to try and cover the Wii U's failure. The "Super" NES had no trouble selling. The Gameboy "Advance" had no trouble Selling. The "3"DS sold extremely well (after a rocky start, due more to the 3d gimmick).

I'm not saying its name couldn't have been better, but it was hardly a factor. If the Xbox "One" can sell, so can anything.

Sgt_Slaughter151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

It was the biggest factor for it, it was so bad Target marketed it with the tablet on top of the old Wii when the Wii U was releasing.

Post E3 2011 when they announced it, so many news outlets and consumers were confused as all hell.

SNES after NES made sense and they made sure you knew the difference, and Xbox has been in every console name. Those two can't compare to the Wii/Wii U issue.

The 10th Rider151d ago


Eh, if Wii U sales had been better third party developers would have found ways to put their games on it. Remember it got Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Batman, Assassin's Creed, and more in its early days. Those developers were releasing on Wii U right out the gate because, like Nintendo, they were confident the success of the Wii would carry over. Switch is doing so much better and on top of that it's just such a convenient console to play, which really helps software sales.


You are correct that it wasn't just the name. But I think when the name is brought up it kind of encapsulates the idea that Nintendo was expecting success just because they were continuing with the Wii brand.

Kiknyonutz151d ago

I’m sure they are but if you want any more of my business, you’ll have to patch them as well. Skyrim has had the sound glitch since release and to my knowledge, it’s still an ongoing issue. Not everyone is going to get these issues but for those of us that do, it ends the gameplay then and there.

jznrpg151d ago

With the lack of games early on its no surprise, plus Bethesda games are not popular anyway

151d ago
ZeekQuattro151d ago

He's being a troll. Basically its the anytime something sells well on the switch its because there are no games argument. Also in typical troll fashion they tend to babble incoherently. Hence the Bethesda games not being popular part. Lol

gangsta_red151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

You threw me off there, well played sir

tehpees3151d ago

At this rate I'm convinced EA just don't want to put games on Switch because of some pride issue. The majority of third parties seem to be throwing ports on there and saying they are doing fine but what are they doing?

I suppose they think they'll look like fools begging Nintendo to take them back.

The 10th Rider151d ago

Well, some games like Battlefield are pretty CPU heavy and really just wouldn't run on Switch. They really should be putting NHL and Madden on it though, along with all of their "indies" like Unravel and A Way Out. They also should look at putting things like the Sims and Mass Effect Trilogy. Battlefield Bad Company 2 with all the DLC and expansions should straight up be ported/remastered for all current consoles, including Switch.

151d ago
King_Noctis151d ago

To be honest I don’t want any of EA’s games near the Switch. Keep those MTs and lootboxes infestation away.

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