A PlayStation cameo in PUBG's Gamescom trailer reignites rumours of an impending PS4 release

Did you spot it? And should we be expecting a PlayStation related announcement soon?

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81BX142d ago

For.what? I would think this game would be coming to ps4 and switch. It's on PC, xbox, mobile... why stop their? I figured xbox had it 1st (console wise) because of the early access. This allows xbox to have the game early and devs fix it time. A win for everyone

ProjectVulcan142d ago

It was always going to end up on PS4, but it's hardly fixed despite being on Xbox One for 9 months. It still runs like crap, there isn't much point playing it on anything other than PC.

I don't like Fortnite but at least it is a solid console title that runs and play well enough on any of these systems.

Silly Mammo142d ago

But will it have cross play?!? /s


This game is SUPER heavy on CPU and barely hits 30fps on an OG X1! So my question is how is the PS4 going to handle this CPU extensive game when the clock speed per core is 1.6ghz vs the OG X1's 1.75ghz? I hope the PS4 camp gets a stable game but after playing over 2,000 matches in PUBG on X1 while transitioning to X over this past year, it has been a rough road on the framerate side...

lxeasy142d ago

I was under the impression PUBG was a timed exclusive

ziggurcat142d ago

it is, and always has been a timed exclusive. there was nothing indicating that it was a full-on console exclusive. there was a rumoured attempt on MS's part to extend the timed exclusivity deal, but nothing was ever confirmed.

Elda142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

As a PS4 Pro owner personally I could care less if it lands on the platform or not,no interest in battle royale games...ijs.

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conanlifts142d ago

I found it a bit overrated. Played it for about 10 hours then moved on. Once it gets a full release I will try again, but it certainly wasn't a defining moment in games for me.

sinspirit142d ago

It's a great concept, but now that we've all "been there, done that" we need something with more intuitive gameplay, and we need a gritty BR game with realistic physics. PUBG is dropping the ball in gameplay and taking advantage of its game engine.

alb1899142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

I said that before play battlegrounds and I'm eating my words right now because battlegrounds is the game that I have enjoyed more this gen and it is very stable and they are releasing on September the finish game.
I really hope PS4 only owners can have this experience and I hope that crossplay is available.

KwietStorm142d ago

No, they are not sarcasm, and they are not the same thing, with "couldn't" being that only correct one. Regardless, why bother clicking and posting if you apparently don't care? I'll never understand why people do this.

Elda142d ago

That's clearly your opinion,but it's both sarcasm in my book including as long as one isn't being disrespectful to an individual folks can make whatever comment they want may one likes it or not.That's why there's a comment option & an option to agree or disagree.

KwietStorm142d ago

It's not my opinion. You're just wrong. It's not sarcasm. That's not what sarcasm even is. There is no humor or irony in the phrase at all, passive or otherwise. It's just straightforward English. And saying you're allowed to leave comments just avoids the question of *why* comment on something that you say you "could care less" about.

Elda142d ago

Again that's your opinion.I & others will continue to say Could or Couldn't care less knowing it's pure sarcasm for not giving a damn.You will never change my stance on that...ever.

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psynetik142d ago

Too little, too late? Fortnite has completely stolen their thunder, so I don't even know why they're bothering.

DarkVoyager142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

They done it to themselves by siding with Microsoft and not releasing the game on PS4 with their massive 80+ million user base.

Kiwi66142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Then why not have the devs release their game on all consoles that way no user base will miss out

RememberThe357142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Isn't the bigger issue the actual game itself?

DarkVoyager142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

“Isn't the bigger issue the actual game itself?“

It’s both.

Siding with Microsoft kept the game from growing at the pace Fortnite did. If they’d had accsess to Sony’s massive PS4 userbase the game would have grown much more popular.

Second problem is the game itself just isn’t as good as Fortnite. It runs at half the framerate, has more bugs, and looks worse.

porkChop142d ago

I've played both extensively on PC and I personally think PUBG is a better BR game. Let me try to explain why.

PUBG has a lot of faults and things that piss me off. It's not well optimized. It has bugs and glitches. The vehicles are kind of finicky. But it still plays and feels better than Fortnite. Especially with the newest map. It feels like a proper shooter, and there's a level of tension that you just don't get in Fortnite.

Fortnite has the building and stuff, and that's cool and all. But the amount of times I have to bail on my aim in order to build... it just doesn't feel right in a shooter. On top of that, the gun combat and aim still feels "off" in Fortnite. It just doesn't feel like a proper shooter.

Fortnite isn't a bad game. It's good at most of what it tries to do, and it offers a different kind of experience. I actually really love how Epic rapidly builds on and expands the game. And I wish more games would get that level of support.

But PUBG just plays and feels better as a shooter, and the tension can sometimes ramp up much more than other games. And those are the most important parts of these games.

Fluke_Skywalker142d ago

I agree that if you play Fortnite as a shooter it's lacking, but it's not designed to be played that way. And when played the way it was designed to be played its pretty damn good. And very frustrating all at the same time.
But yeah they are very different means to the same end. But being free to play has insured that Fortnite has risen very quickly above all others and will likely stay there until everyone loses interest in the whole idea of BR.

conanlifts142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

I was talking about the gun aim in fortnight the other day. There is something wrong with the shooting, but I cant quite put my finger on it. PUBG I will retry when it has fully released in a few weeks. As it stands it was okay, but nothing amazing for me. But yes I agree the aiming and hit detection was more realistic, or at least more similar to other shooters.

81BX142d ago

Calm down Ricky Bobby

Razzer142d ago

He seems calm enough. You ok?

81BX142d ago

It's a movie reference. Talladega nights The ballad of Ricky Bobby. At one point in the movie he says... if you ain't 1st, you're last. Meaning if you're not 1st why bother? Sure pubg isnt 1st in the field but to say I dont even know why they're bothering??? They dont have to be the best to bother

Mekami86142d ago

Fortnite the game that's all about who can build better? Lol Some of us prefer a realistic shooter fortnite trash

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UCForce142d ago

Nah, i’m not interested.

Travis3708142d ago

Would love a port but please let it run a solid 30fps at least.

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